February 11th, 2010

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ALDO shoes

Hi, let me start off by saying that I'm not a loli but a longtime lurker and this is also my first post and maybe only post. o.o;; I found these clearance boots on Aldo.com that seemed loli-able (or good for another style, forgive me) and couldn't let them go unnoticed. There's also a 10% code, feb10promo but it may not work if it stands for the date. o.O;;


Edit: I just used the code and it's 12:26AM where I am (Arizona) so hopefully it still works for everyone else.

What does your room look like?

Today is a snow day for me, so mom wakes me up and tells me to clean my room. I've only been into Lolita for a month or so, and my room looks more like a teenagers room (A.k.a.: pig stye) than a young ladies room. But I had an idea, clean my room and make it Lolita friendly. So here is your mission; what does your room look like? Do you have a bedroom vanity or a special place just for your Lolita clothes? Once my room is all nice and clean I'll post some pictures. ^_^

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So this may not be totally relevant to lolita, but it is relevant to fashion as a whole.

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen was discovered dead today after taking his own life.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1250249/Alexander-McQueen-commits-suicide.html#ixzz0fGfceVIH

I know my heart is breaking over the loss of a true artist, someone who was so influential in the fashion world for so many years. Someone who wasn't afraid to do crazy stuff whether or not it worked-- and it always did, beautifully.

His work is featured in museums and haute boutiques world wide and his influence was felt everywhere in the fashion world and even in every day life.

So while he wasn't a lolita designer, I hope we can all just take a moment to remember what an artist he was and how he may have impacted you.


Is Il Sangue still taking commissions?

According to IlSangue.com's updates page, commissions are closed from December last year until further notice. According to their livejournal however, they "currently expect to resume business during January". I sent an email to their business email recently but haven't gotten any response. Well that was actually not quite long ago, but I kind of need to get something asap. Can anyone clarify if they're still taking commissions? Thanks!

Regarding to Angelic Pretty JP shop mixup

A message from Angelic Pretty regarding to the potential mixup.

For those who are currently have unresolved issued order mixup issues from the Angelic Pretty JP shop shopping cart.

Please write directly to info@angelicpretty.com , and don't forget to include detail information such as your name, address, order number, and a description of your order, and what was actually received. English inquiries might take a few days for a respond, as translation would be required.

This is service message is intended customers with the current Angelic Pretty JP shop shipment issues, and does not have affiliations with orders made via StarryCandyBox, or Angelic Pretty japanese direct site.

Stock photo/name request?

Im looking for the name/any info on the dress worn by the girl on the far right in this picture (picture credit to des-henkers-braut).
From the info on the page its a bodyline dress..
It looks to be some kind of room print, with lines of music running up the jsk, a pearl strand too? I would be really happy if anyone owning this dress could tell me the name and if it came in other color ways,

thank you

SF Shopping service?

I browsed the search results and memories and didn't really find anything one this. I'm moving to San Francisco soon and I will be living about half a mile from Japantown. I was curious about offering a shopping service just to earn some extra cash. (Shopping at BtSSB, BPN, Kinokuniya, etc)

Are there already a lot of SS in SF? Is there interest in them? What fees do people usually charge? Any other information or experiences anyone can provide would be great

I'm sorry if this has been posted before.
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