February 10th, 2010

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St. Louis Harajuku Fashion Show

A while ago, I made this post asking for help on what to do about a fashion show I was a part of.  First off, I want to say thank you so much for your kind words and advice!  They really helped me put things in perspective.  But that is not the point of this post.  The point is I got permission from the photographers who attended the show to post a few of the pictures and I wanted to share them!

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Thank you for looking!  And thank you for the tremendous response from before!  Hopefully any future fashion shows will be even better because of them.

ATTN: Customers of Mashimaro Girl

Permission given to post by harukoko

Last update: 7 October 2010
Several people have received their items or full refunds and I've updated the list to reflect this. If your problem is solved, leave a reply and I'll remove your information from the list.
For those who have not received any word from Mashimaro Girl, you should email payments[at]mashimaro-girl[dot]com

10 September 2010: MG is sending out packages again. If you received yours, post a reply here so I can update.

Update 16 August 2010:
Thread for appealing to people living near the owners' probable address to seek some action: THIS WAY
Probable personal contact information about the owners can be found in the last few posts of this thread.

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Looking for an old sewing post

I would appreciate it if someone had a link to or had the pictures from a sewing post of a dress with a print that looked like a map of the constellations. The fabric looked something like this and the OP had taken several pictures with coordinates. So far searching hasn't turned up anything for me. :\ I'm not sure how old the post is, but I think it's from a couple years ago at least.

Thanks for any help~

Hello lolitas!

I'm looking forward to come to London for a veeeeeeery long study course in Regent's College. I've never been there before, so I think I may need your advice. Are there any stores/markets/tiny shops etc. that sell lolita clothes in London? Unfortunately, I won't be able to take all my wardrobe with me, so I'll have to shop there.

Thank you)

Suppurate System missing LP help

Right, so I was one of the many who ordered Suppurate System's New Year's lucky packs from their international site, but have still yet to receive my package.

EMS from Tokyo to Vancouver is 3 days, and Canada Customs does not hold EMS packages any longer than 1 day before setting it out for delivery (a total of 5 working days). It's now well past that. My shipping notification from them says they shipped on Jan 30 (or around then), and now it's basically the 11th. And of course Ryonai did not give out EMS tracking numbers. >:/

I triple-checked the mailing address I gave them and it is correct - the only tweaky thing is that their address input bar had 3 lines, and I skipped one before inputting my city and province (I used line 1 and line 3, leaving line 2 blank). This shouldn't have been a problem.

So my questions are:

1) Is anyone else missing their LPs?

2) Does anyone know what Canada Post's policies are in helping you find packages, e.g. what info they'd need besides a tracking number.

3) Does anyone who did receive their packages still have Ryonai's sender's address? It may help me sort out with Canada Post if there was a balls-up in writing my street address properly and my package is deposited in the 'wut dis address' pile.

4) Anyone know how to write a polite e-mail to them in Japanese regarding this bizarre situation? And maybe suggesting the use of EMS numbers as well, guh.

Any help would really be appreciated.
Zorak in a Wig

Tea Party Tape Shoes + Gauging interest

I'm taking an intro to 3-D design class this semester, and our first project was to make a shoe replica entirely out of masking tape. To keep up my Lolita street cred, I made a tea party shoe. :D

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And an unrelated question:

Poll #1524048 Fabric Shopping Service

Would you be interested in a Japanese shopping service specializing in fabric, lace, and craft related items?

Not particularly.
Hell to the no!

(Mods, I wasn't sure if polls were allowed outside the cut, let me know if I need to change it.)