February 9th, 2010

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New community- Daily Alamode


I've been so inspired by the beautiful, unusual, and unconventional coordinations I've seen in Alice Deco. I thought it might be nice to have a place to post coordinations with lolita elements, brands, or inspiration. Those which aren't lolita but have some lolita flare to them. I also thought it would be good to have a place for people to post pictures of japanese brand items used in everyday wear. So I started this community. I hope that here you can have a place to show your creativity without it being a full lolita coordinate. Please check it out, and feel free to join! Memebership and posting access is open to all.


Posted with permission from harukoko

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Photo request/date this dress. Lolita from the 1990's and before.

I'm working on a post for my blog, F Yeah Lolita, about very early Lolita pieces. And to finish it off I am just in search of some more photos of Lolita pieces, from the brands that are big today, from the 1990's and even 1980's. I'm not interested in pictures from the Bibles, as I have scans of all of them, but if you happen to have, in your personal possession or just a picture saved, a picture of a brand piece from the 90's I would be grateful!

I am also in search of this picture I saw in a post about old school Lolita from a few years ago of a Metamorphose purse who's tag read "Manifesteange" as well as any photos of older versions of brand tags (Like Angelic Pretty's old grey tag, I used to have one of their older dresses, but sold it, so I can't snap my own picture).

*EDIT* Added a few new pics under the cut!
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 For anyone interested, here is a blog focusing on older Lolita and girly styles. I know nothing about it besides "Oh! Pictures!" because, again, I can't read Japanese. If anyone wants to shed some light on this blog for me, I would be thankful!
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Please could you answer this questionnaire?

I'm writing a short dissertation for uni this year and I'm writing it on lolita!! lol isn't that a funny coincidence!

Anywho, I need some qualitative information from real life lolis to make my essay awesome and get me a 1st!

( If you have the time, please help me out and answer these questions, under the (fake) cut! )

Thank you to everybody who answers! Your answers are a fantastic help to me!
The response so far has been phenomenal <3 you're all wonderful!

What happened to Rose and Thorn ??

As I'm looking through my lolita clothes I want to sell I come across a dress by Rose and Thorn. I googled the site and tried my best but no luck :( does anyone know what happened to the site? Did it turn into an ebay store? I remember the girl from Abney Park even modeled for them.

thanks loves in advance!


Frilly families

So upon reading aikazi's most recent post. I think We should make it a theme. "Family members in candid lolita" Her mom was too cute! What do you guys think? Sadly, my mother lives in Mexico and I in Texas so I could not just restrict it to "candid loli moms"

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lolita voice actors wanted

EDIT : theses cartoons are a project that I am doing for fun. and are not connected to the animation that I do for   TacAmo.

Any of you interested in trying Voice acting?  I’m working a little goth loli cartoon , and need volunteers to be the voices of the Goth and Lolita girls.

If you have a mic. I’ll need a sample of your vice. Windows Sound Recorder works well for recording voices.

If you don’t have a mic, I can take a sample over the phone. But it’s not as sharp.

I’ll post some thing for you to read soon.

Asian  & European Accents are welcome.  Also if you can translate and speak lines in another language that’s also good.

After the test when i start on the cartoon you'll need to be 18 or  If your not 18 or over ,one of your parents will have to sign for you.

Edit : Don’t be surprised if use your fashion style for the girls voice that your doing.



edit#2 here is a sample of the test that I'll be running with your voices.Collapse )

The Movie Project - Lolita Calendar 2010

The idea came up as a project for a calendar that was supposed to be released last year (some of you might remember the calendar I made for 2009). However, due to various problems it couldn't be done in the end, but as I've finally been able to finish all the pictures for it, I decided to make it anyway :D more info

There are twelve pictures, each one representing a popular movie. In some of them the idea is more subtle and conceptual, while others are directly representative of certain scenes. I suggest trying to guess the movie before reading the title under each picture! :P

Photography by Irene Orozko (that's me~)
All the models were Spanish Lolitas and friends of mine <3

You can see more of my work on my deviantART: http://gurololi.deviantart.com/

And now, on to the pictures!

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