February 8th, 2010


Quick Question

A while back there was a post about a shopping service for taobao, I've been looking through posts here and on the sales community but couldn't find it. It wasn't mashimaro girl but just a general taobao service shop



My fiance' loves dressing in dandy with me, but we can't find anything good. :( Does anyone know where to find some good boy clothes? I would post a WTB in egl_sales, but I am more window shopping to look for certain outfits to match mine, so I wouldn't be buying anything right away.

AP English Site Order Mistake

Today I picked up my order from the English AP Site and found that they had sent me the wrong order. All invoices on the outside were correct, but the items and invoice inside the package were wrong.
The invoice inside contained a name, but I don't want to give it out.
So, if you got an incorrect AP order, please contact me. My order contained 3 Magical Pony necklaces. The order I received contained a Dreamy Dollhouse Plastic Headband and Ring.
I'm hoping that the orders just got switched and we can switch them back. Otherwise I would prefer to go through the website since it could get very confusing if there are several mixed up packages.
If you think this is your package, and you have mine, please PM me with your name and I will check it against the invoice.
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Houston Valentine's Day Party - You're Invited!

Valentine's Day keeps on going here in Houston as we local Lolitas gather on February 21st for a holiday tea party at Te House of Tea, featuring a light meal, small Valentines' gift exchange, and a chance to break out your red and white or sweetest of Sweet looks. If you're in the area and are interested in going, please check out the details behind the cut, and thanks for reading! (If you've already responded to the post in the houston_loli com., you don't need to reply again here.)

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Would this be considered Loli?

Hello everyone~!
I'm new to the community and a bit new to Lolita fashion as well.
Though I've done tons of research on it, I'm still not sure if some of my outfits would be considered loli (casual loli?)
As I'm still trying to save up to purchase the preferred Lolita brands' clothing (it's a quite expensive hobby, haha ^^''), and am still in the process of learning to sew correctly,
I have carefully placed together an outfit from offbrand places, but is hopefully still acceptable.
I just don't want to walk around and having people call me "ita" behind my back ): because then I would be very sad D:
So please help me out ?

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RHS in China?

Is there an offline store in China, specifically Shanghai, that sells ballerina RHS? T_T 

Or well.. A loliish parasol store in there?  My father's going to be there for a two more days, but he hasn't seen rhs D: