February 6th, 2010

Fan Plus Friend Petticoat?

Hello ^__^.
I searched for Fan+Friend petticoat reviews..and didn't really find exactly what I was looking for, so.....
Has anyone ever bought this petticoat? Is it poofy enough? What's the shape?
I was kind of wary about the whole "Dolly" Gothic Lolita thing....>__<
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White and Off-White?

I was wondering if anyone has any tips about matching off-white and white in the same outfit. I have a blue skirt with off-white lace, and off-white cardigan, a blue alice bow, and off-white shoes, and I want to try matching it with a white blouse and these socks with it. Does anyone have any tips? Do you think combining white and off-white will look terrible no matter what I do?
  • miscy

F+F and SS

so did anyone know that F+F is carrying secret shop socks? i just did a GO for F+F and to my surprise when i was dividing things up it turns out some of their socks had the secret shop packaging on them. Just fyi... not sure what difference it makes to anyone. I just thought it was interesting.

Update From Tokyo Fashion Festa in NYC

I recieved this email from them:

"Thanks for your E-mail for Tokyo Fashion Festa New York.
Because of overwhelming reaction and request, we just made a facebook page "Tokyo Fashion Festa NY".
For info. about show, ticket, modeling, press, next event...all update news about TFFNY will be on the page.
Please become a fan and get all those news!
Ticket for TFFNY(1st edition) is 100% FREE.  All tix info. will be up soon!! Don't miss it!
Tokyo Fashion Festa NY"

This is their Faceook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tokyo-Fashion-Festa-NY/330939403384?ref=search&sid=100000476455826.4211341829..1&v=wall#!/pages/Tokyo-Fashion-Festa-NY/330939403384

There is more info on the profile picture about tickets:
Entrance: Invite (Seat Reserved) or Application to TFFNewYork@gmail.com

I'm guessing that we can get tickets now (although it's taking forever!)

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help whit EGA first approximation.

long time since i read the community and thanks to some girls lolita I managed to find near me, have encouraged me to really make an attempt to have a coordinator of EGA, on my first try looking in places like Body line and found this which I thing wuld be fun to begin with( http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=1087 ) but, my body will not let me enter the store sizing =(

EGL I ask your kind help ^.^ what i can do or where i can find something like this model? I read about some who make orders, but where should I look?

thanks for the time and the help <3

A petticoat question:

Hello ^___^
Ok, well, I was wondering what's the best petticoat for a Gothic Lolita Silhouette. I don't want a super cupcake shape... More like a poofier A-line (if that makes any sense at all...)

Do you guys have any suggestions for a good petti for me?


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Mad Hatter Help!

For the opening of Alice in Wonderland, me and a few others are going to see it. We want to dress up as some of the characters, and I want to go as the Mad Hatter. But I need some help, what can I do to make the Mad Hatter a lolita style? I can make the top hat and I have dark green fabric.  A little help please?

If some one can help me find some full body pictures as Johnny Deep as the Mad Hatter that would help. I can get some ideas off of that.

Thank you!
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Angelic Pretty- Wrong Order Received?

I ordered from the english Angelic Pretty website but received the wrong item. Has anyone had this problem?

I ordered a dreamy doll house headband but got dreamy doll house OTKs. I'd be happy to keep the socks but I'd like to get a partial refund if possible because the item I paid for (the headband) was more expensive than the item I received.

I checked all the contact board messages I got from AP but none of them have any errors. The outer packaging has my correct name, purchase number, and lists the headband- but the interior bag with the socks has a copy of an order that isn't mine. It has someone else's name, purchase number, and lists the socks.

I looked on the AP website but couldn't find any information about refunds. Thank you in advance for any help/guidance you can provide. :)

EDIT: Thanks! I've contacted AP about this so I'm hoping the other girl and I get our correct items.