February 5th, 2010



There was a shop that was opened online a few months ago that had a gorgeous cream dress- in the skirt it looked like it opened up into another realm full of roses.  I believe they posted with either a photoshoot and/or they were part of a fashion show. There was also a western-like lolita outfit in the bunch. I don't have it saved, and I can't find it anywhere.
Can anyone help me out?

Alice D Video Stills

Recently valkyrie_chan and lyrique86  had a very interesting shoot--a videoshoot!  Originally scheduled to be a traditional photoshoot, the photographer got a wonderful last minute idea to film the two as they explored the warehouse-turned-office-complex, and create a little Alice D promotional video.  Here are some stills he pulled from the filming.  Enjoy!

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Thank you for looking!
Miku icecream

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I had a discussion with my boyfriend the other night about lolita.
He's Japanese-American, so he had some interesting insight that I've never really heard before about the fashion. His views have since changed upon getting to know me, but his past opinions seem to reflect the views of many Japanese-Americans.

I apologize if this is a touchy subject for anyone ;]
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Hello! (& question)

Hello, everyone! New member here and I’m glad to be here!

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EDIT: Thanks a lot, everyone! Blouses with detachable sleeves, cardigans, and cutsews it is! I'll definitely check out all the places you guys mentioned! As one user suggested, maybe it would be better if I start with casual-loli? :)
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