February 4th, 2010

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Candies n Cream Atlanta Photo Shoot!

I visited missdeth in Atlanta, GA, and she was awesome enough to plan a photo shoot with a local photographer (Matt of Dim Horizon Studio). It was initially set up so that I could get some shots of two outfits I made...but then it turned out to be much more epic than we expected!! (Yay!) We ended up with five people in the photo shoot and bought lots of sweet foods to decorate the table with! Laura, Lindsay and Jennie joined us for the awesome fun! The shoot was held at La Madeline Bakery and Bistro. :)

Candies 'n Cream 9
me, missdeth, and Laura

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Sweet Lolita

Last weekend I did a shoot with the ever so lovely Amilie milk_bun which involved taking the whole "Sweet" Lolita idea just that little bit too far :D

It was probably one of the most fun shoots I've done so far and Amilie was fantastic, even towards the end when things got very sticky.

And before you ask, yes everything survived...

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Lolita weddings?

I know, I know. This topic, has been brought up SO many times. But I just found a link to this adorable wedding. No lolita sightings, but for a lolita wanting an idea for a wedding, this is gold. Remove if found to be not-so-lolita. If anyone finds lesbianism offensive, this may not do.
Clicky on the picy!

Apparently the bridesmaid's dresses are from this do -it-yourself website. I am ADDICTED.
It's called style:shake.
Seriously. Make yourself a dress, you deserve it.
More pictures of Lehni's( the raven-haired bride) dress!

'Dream of Lolita' Taobao shop

I found this shop on taobao today called 'Dream of Lolita'. The prices are really cheap so I am somewhat skeptical. Has anybody ordered from them before? I did a search and I only found 2 reviews. One was for a purse which doesn't help with info about the clothes. The second was for a dress and it wasn't too great but  I'm primarily interested in the things made from what looks like cotton without a lot of lace, such as these: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 They seem like they would be 'safer' items to order? What do you guys think?

Body Line Socks, need some help!

My legs are thick, mainly the calf, where I work up on my feet, and was wanting to know if Body Line socks would fit my calf. I would like to know before I buy some. My calf is 16in / 41.5 cm at the biggest part of the calf. 

If anyone could help please do! I know its an odd question. ^.^ 

Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour

I am such a Jojo's fashion show lover...It's quite a fun game. Anyways, they came out with another one called World Tour and the first stop on the Fashion Tour is Tokyo lol.

Well Imagine my surprise that this was the first fashion I had to style for:

These followed soon after:
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Sorry if this was already posted. I have not been around in awhile so if it has I'll delete.
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Sizing Question

Hello, lovelies. I don't wear lolita myself, but I was hoping to buy something for my sister, who is larger than your average lolita. I was looking at this dress on Bodyline, which goes up to 96cm in the bust and 86cm in the waist.

My sister is 93cm up top and 84cm in the waist. Does that leave enough wiggle room, or is she going to have problems zipping it up, especially over a blouse?

If not, could someone maybe suggest something a little more suitable? Skirts are awesome---no need to be an OP or JSK.

Thank you! :)