February 3rd, 2010

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Alice and the Pirates sneaker question

Hi there ladies!

I've been looking at those Alice and the Pirates converse style shoes for a while now and were wondering if they were worth the money? Like how well do they hold up and can they take a beating? Also how do they fit?(Are they narrow/wide, true to size)I love my other pair of shoes that are similar and I wear them ALL the time outside of lolita. I figured these would be fun to have when I'm outside of lolita.

Thanks so much!!

Also completely off topic, are there any lolitas in Kansas City, Missouri?(or which community should I join for that area that's active) I'm moving in the next couple of months with my boyfriend. :)

On a mission...

I've been trying to search for white JSK, OP, socks, shoes ect....

But everything is either off-white or anitque white. I found a few items that were just pure white.
Is it really this hard to find only white items?
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-before writing, I want to specify that I am NOT a lolita, I am just a girl who wears what she likes-

Hello everyone.
I've got 2 questions. One is about Putumayo and one is about brands.

・I want to buy this outer, but the colour I wanted (black) it's not avaiable anymore.
So, does anybody knows what other webshops sells Putumayo clothes? I hope to find that outer, but it's fine also other clothes, maybe I'll find other outer I'll like. The only website where you can get Putumayo clothes except its official webshop it's KERA Shop, but I didn't find anything I was searching for.
No used clothes.

・I want to know more brands (known and unknown). I don't like sweet lolita, and about gothic lolita.... uhm, it depends. I love brands as SEX POT ReVeNGe, HIDE ROCK Design and PUTUMAYO (and I don't know how it's called this style, since as I said before, I wear what I like)
Can someone help me finding brands as these?
-all the brands I know for now are taken from this list-

thank you so much to everyone!
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Tokyo Fashion Festa New York

I found this link on Angelic Pretty's homepage, it's for a Japanese fashion show at FIT.
It's on, Feburary 19 (Fri). Event opens at 5 and starts at 6.

I was wondering if other NYC lolitas were going and if so maybe we can make a meet out of this event?

Anyone up for it?

More info: http://www.indivisual.asia/en/3275



Email TFFNewYork@gmail.com with a message saying you're reserving a spot for a local NYC lolita group. I'm trying to get us in close by seats in case we have a meet and so we can sit together and be awesome lolitas together :3

Doll-eye tutorial and Manba tutorial

Remember that doll-eye tutorial I did? Well I made a video of it with catchy music haha (just after the monthly theme ends, too. .__. Procrastinatioooon).

This tutorial basically shows you how to make your eyes POP! and look adorable (or lifeless and creepy, whatever diddles your fiddle).

Also under here is the video for the manbalita look I did a while back that some people hated and some people loved. Whether you love it or hate it, please watch me making myself look like a crazy.

Collapse )

Sorry for the reallly silly question.

I was just watching American Idol, and in one of the really quick flashes I thought I might have seen two lolitas- I looked really fast though, so maybe i'm totally wrong. I thought it was two girls in bxw jsks, but I know there were also cheerleaders in black and white- was I just seeing things?

I'll delete this as soon as I get an answer, thanks!!

EDIT: Confirmed!! Let me know if I should delete this.
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