February 2nd, 2010

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Disappointment: Sold out.

So last night after much debating I finally decided to throw down my hard earned money for my first brand dress; Baby's L’Oiseau Bleu Madeleine jsk in mint.
I was very excited and pleased with my decision until I received an email from Baby saying the dress is sold out in all their branches.
Coupled with my sadness, though, is confusion because Baby's website still lists it in stock.
Does this sort of thing happen often? Has it happened to any of you?
If you have any similar stories, please share them.
Megaman, Frickin' Sweet!

Question for you all

How do you feel about your lolita clothing?

I mean it generally. Do you believe that it is--especially burando--nigh-sacred and you like to keep it in pristine condition? Do you take the best possible care of your clothes and get upset if they get dirty or worn? Or are you more sanguine about it? Do you go with the flow and say, eh, it's clothing (even really expensive clothing)?

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Buying advice

I wanted to buy some stuff (most of it lolita related) for my birthday. Which is actually in april but I couldn't resist buying it now.
Seeing as how I'm terrible when it comes to money related things I wanted to ask for some advice before I would buy stuff.


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Make it work.

Helping out a friend

Hey egl,

So I'm in a bit of a quandary. I am going to be selling things at my local con with a friend of mine this year. While she's interested in lolita, she always asks if I'm making any new lolita "costumes," and is now expressing interest in making some of her own. To her, this means making a dress out of some dubious "lace fabric" she has at home.

Basically, I'd like to guide her down the right path, and keep her from being an ita. I really want her to be taken seriously (I know, it's a con...), and she would really make a good lolita if she knew how to do it well. She has very cute taste in regular clothes, and knows a lot about fabric (we're both fashion design majors), so if she had a few guidelines, I know she would put together some great coordinates.

My problem is, I want to help her without her feeling like I'm telling her what to do, or to think I'm doing it to make myself look good.

Whatdo, egl?
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Hi I am new^^

I am new to the egl community. I want to say hi to everyone ^^

I really like lolita clothes and I want to be able to wear them to college every day. I have a lot of lolita clothes but I feel very nervous and anxious when I wear them outside in class. I live in Illinois. I do not have any lolitas that I know. I want to be able to wear them but It is hard for me, can anyone give me any advide.


Does anyone know how to get MILK clothing? New clothing (not secondhand.)
Are there any online shops who sell milk outside japan? Or any shopping services?
Thanks :)

Sugar dot teacakes skirt with heart bib (sewing post)

Having realised that my fabric stash is getting unmanageable (I have fabrics I bought three or four years ago and still haven't used, and keep buying moar. It's a bit ridiculous), I recently set myself a challenge of making something completely from stash - that meant skirt fabric, lining, zipper, lace trim, ribbon and all.

This would have been fairly simple had I chosen to make a simple rectangle skirt out of uncut fabric, but I upped the stakes a bit by choosing to work with two fabrics I had already cut into pieces - because I occasionally have the attention span of a gnat and cut out projects, then put them away without doing any more. The tea-and-cakes fabric was already cut out into an overskirt (though not sewn together in the slightest), and the polkadot fabric was in smallish rectangles. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember at all what I had been planning to do with the rectangles - some sort of ruffly layered skirt - so instead I decided to combine the two and make a pink, polkadot, tea-cakes-and-roses ruffle extravaganza, including a detachable heart bib.


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it me

lolis 'n dolls

So it seems that there is quite a number of lolitas who are also doll collectors/hobbyists. Whether they be BJDs or JUN Planning dolls or whatever. And, of course, a lot of people dress their dolls in lolita too. So I was thinking that it'd be fun to have a picture post about this. Just comment with a picture of your doll(s) in lolita or not in lolita or with you in lolita! And have fun!



(If this is not allowed here... please delete)

I was so excited about the Baby sale and it was my first time buying anything from Japan directly, I was so excited!!
I had gotten the email about 4 days ago but my paypal finally cleared and I just sent my payment. Of course in a quick moment, I got my confirmation email stating that they got my payment!
I was really excited about it until I realized something about customs...
I'm not so sure what the rules are and Im pretty sure they are different in all the nations.

I don't know how much my I will have to pay later (and how to go about doing that) I want to ask the ladies, how much have you paid for customs?