February 1st, 2010

Picture Request <3

Sorry to bother you with a request.
But I wanted to know if anyone has picture of Baby's Dessert OP in yellow?
And do you know if Baby ever released non-printed accessoires in yellow? (socks, headbows, bags...)
Thank you <3

I know this is a long shot but.......

A while ago, I missed out on a DS for a Meta skirt. I have tried finding the post again but to no avail so I cannot provide photos of the print, Can anyone help me find the name of the print?

It is cream, with a black print of crowns, fleur de lis, and crosses along with some filigree.
it has three tiers and a black velvet waist tie.

Please help!!

Its a mad tea party from a year ago

Me and a friend of me had a tea party photoshoot for a school project of mine. I never had the guts to post it here  -____-"
"Better late than never" is what we say in the netherlands ^^ I hope you all like it. Its not all lolita but I hope it's oki for here :)

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Thanks for looking !!
please be sweet this is my first post ^^

Love you all ^^
music ♔ pf → syd head in hand

Picture request

Sorry its one of those posts! I did search and couldn't find anything.

I wondered if anyone could please take close up pictures of the print of AP's Dreamy Doll House for me please?

I didn't like it at first (except for the bunnies on it), but the more I look at it the more I like it and would like to see it better before I decide if I like it enough to actually own it. I can't decide if the doll looks creepy or not.


WV Meet Up, Anyone?

West Virginia Meet Up

Myself and a few others would like to have a meet up on March 20, to see Alice in Wonderland at the capital, Charleston. Now none of this is set in stone just yet. We would like to see how many would like to come so we can get everything together and information passed around. So if you would like to come or have anything to comment then get in touch with me.

Thank you!

EDIT= I thought the date was March 22, but Saturday is March 20.
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I apologize for my last entry...

It was pretty stupid of me, but I do have another question and it's not controversial.

After browsing IW for some time, I noticed that they were selling mini skirts - not necessarily lolita, but I really like them. I remembered that AP had sold a pleated mini skirt before in their pop n rock line.

I would like to know if there were any other mini skirts sold in other brands (not the punk orientated ones because I know that they make those quite often). If not, has anyone ever bought the shorter skirts from Innocent World? And yes, it would be great if there were photos of them being worn (it looks a little strange on the tiny model, and I really don't think that they were meant to be worn with a petti underneath)

Thanks :)

2010 AATP/BTSSB planners

Does anyone know if either of these (preferably the AATP one) are in stock anywhere at all? Online/ in store/ reseller/ ect?
I know they're sold out on Baby's webshop but I'm clinging to a thin thread of hope that there's a third party somewhere that still has some or a store somewhere I can use a shopping service to nab. D:

Banner Change + Themes for February!

We're feeling a little bit dark this month, thanks to our wonderful new banner, by the lovely lainnocence. You can view more of her work on her DeviantArt or her Website. Thank you again to all who submitted and congratulations to our winner! If you would like to know more about submitting artwork for the banner, please check this post.

With the new artwork comes our new themes -

The General Theme for February is Fairy tales!
This month we want you to show us anything you have that is fairytale inspired. Maybe a photoshoot based on sleeping beauty, some Rapunzel hair extensions or your new snow white printed dress. Let's see 'em!

The Aesthetic Theme for February is Gothic!
Inspired by the dark colours of this months artwork, now is your time to share anything Gothic related. Whether that be makeup or some Gothic deco is up to you!

Thank you everyone and hope to see some nice themed posts!

Ideas for loli Carnival costumes

I'm going to a Carnival party next week and I wanted to create a costume based on lolita clothes, I've already searched the web but most of the idea I found were too Halloween themed, do you have some advices?(my lolita wardrobe is mostly black, but I also have a black/red/ white musical notes skirt and a black/other colours skirt with a sweets and icecreams print)
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Hope this isn't a bother, but I'd love to see pictures of the Infanta Emperor Nightingale JSK in black worn? Or someone can point me to a thread with them? Already checked the search function, thanks~!

~ ♫♪ ★ ♫♪ ~ The owner/founder of Angelic Pretty? ~ ♫♪ ★ ♫♪ ~

Hello lovelies!

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about who owns/founded Angelic Pretty? I've just been thinking about it lately, after I saw some girls who took photos with a lady named "Hinako" at PMX with a caption saying she was the owner. Does anyone know anything about Hinako and her history with Angelic Pretty? Did she found the company? If not... who did? And are they still running it?

We know so much about Maki and Asuka, but the history of this brand goes further back than both of them!
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