January 30th, 2010

  • epoxide

Bodyline Color Question

Hi all,

I'm looking to purchase this bodyline skirt but I'm trying to figure out what color is shown in the picture. Is it purple or brown? Also, does anyone know if there's an image where the other colors are shown? I really like it and just want to make sure I end up buying the right color. Thanks! :)
white lolita

TV show from Last year now on youtube

I've uploaded a part from a Dutch tv show called "man bijt hond ", they started filming at my house and ended at a lolita picknick.
I tried to subtitle it as good as possible, please forgive some errors!

As usual they first had the impression it had something to do with that other kind of lolita,
that is why they asked question about sexy and stuff.

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momiji by [nks]

AOD (anime on display) San Francisco CA

Hi all, finished the first day at AOD convention in San Francisco, CA
I am helping out Harajuku Hearts at their booth :)
Here are a few snaps of our booth today (sorry for the cell phone quality)

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Still a bunch of meta, putumayo, deorart, listen flavor are left!
(YES we have some parasols too!)
Stop by and say hi if you're in the area :) (thanks to those who stopped by today!)

Tao Bao spring?

Does anyone know when Tao bao sellers start putting out their spring clothes? I want to make an order, but a lot of what's available is winter war such as coats and fur trimmed items. Thanks for the help!