January 29th, 2010

audrey kawasaki

BTSSB confirmation

This is a celebration post

I just got my confirmation/payment demand email for the cardigan I bought from the sale. I'm very happy, I thought it would take much longer after the fiasco yesterday. Anybody else?

Nurse Lolita?

I 'm going to be "medics" / health responsible at an japan-convention in not too long, and I wondered if any of you had any ideas how to add a "nurse-look" without making it look like cosplay? Just so that people will get that I'm the one they can come to if there's anything concerning health xd
I'm probably going to wear a white lolita dress from BodyLine.
Any ideas for things I can add to the dress, what color I should have on the shoes, accessories and such? ^_^

I'd be happy for any suggestions!
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what is Bohemian Lolita?

Can someone please explain to me what Bohemian Lolita is? Pictures would help too. Ive done a little reasearch on it and not found much. But I've heard a little about it in the community. I know its not a official lolita style and its just somthing created in the US. And I know its also called Boho lolita.
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Sweetpunk request

Hey all,
I'm working on a few pieces for an upcoming fashion show, the theme of which is "Renegade: Rebellion on the Runway". I have a feeling with a theme name like that there are going to be a lot of straight-up punk style represented, so I kind of wanted to break the mold and show some sweet pieces with a punkish edge. I'm thinking of using these cool tattoo-print fabrics I found that have punkish prints with sweet pastel colors. But I need more inspiration!

So..I'm asking you to post your favorite sweet-punk styled outfits! It can be your own coordinate, a friend's, or a picture from a GLB, I don't care.


Inexpensive offbrand blouses?

Dear egl,

I have an unfortunate problem. I only have one Lolita-appropriate blouse. Fortunately, I just came into possession of some money with which I plan to expand my blouse collection. I am looking for one white and one black blouse, preferably short-sleeved. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking to pay $50 or less each
for the blouses.

Thank you!

Customs query for UK Lolitas

Dear all
What is the longest time your package has been held by customs? I have one now that's been in there since Tuesday morning. I wonder if anyone has actually lost a package- never got it after it went into customs? This is getting on my nerves, any advice will be appreciated!
Thank you all!

Question about the Btssb planner...

I know there is a monthly section, but I had a question, is it formatted like a calender?

Or is it where it just lists Monday, Tues, Wed. Thurs. etc and boxes below them with no dates/numbers written in, i.e. you can use it even if it's not in '10 and just fill in the dates yourself.
Like this:

Also, on a side note. I heard there was a store in the Los Angeles area that sold Lolita/Punk/Etc clothes, like Meta, does anybody know the name of this store or where it is?
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Ooh! La, La! Couture -- a bit tangential

This caught my eye, mostly because reading the description made me think of Shirley Temple Cute gone hoe-bag.

Does anyone detect a relation between this line's collections and perhaps the influence of lolita? (I realize not everything girly/poofy/whatever is lolita...and yeah, it's probably just some weird Hot-Topic-echo)

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