January 27th, 2010

  • harukah

help: usakumiya bags

hi! ^^
i'm thinking on buying the mini mini usakumiya bag but i just wonder the size of it ( bssb says it's +/- 21cm is it true?) and if we can put any goods like cellphone inside it or if we can't put anything inside at all.btw,can we use it on shoulders just like a school bag or do we have to use as an hand bag?
hope you can help me ^^

lolita argument essay

I am writing an essay about how some people think Lolita is a perversion and how sometimes people get physical and (as I read in a previous entry) throw onions. Of course my side on the subject is that Lolita is a fashion, and a lifestyle based on the Rococo era and not at all immodest. I would like to know about anyone's experiences with bad things happening and some information to help me explain Lolita. I am using Livejournal.com and the book Kamikaze Girls as sources so what ever is posted here I mite quote in my essay. Thank you all for your help :)

I wasn't really sure where else to get my information from so I figure here I said I need storys from people, or what lolita means to them. like someone said I can use the glb which I probably will but I can't really find much on the lolita fashion other than online. I'll try to search at my library but I doubt they'd have anything on japanese fashion. sorry if what I wrote sounded funy (I'm not good at explaining) but my side on the essay is that Lolita is not ment to be all skin showing everywhere and geting guys all aroused because one of my friends told me "arn't you too covered up for lolita?", I assumed he was thinking about the pictures you often see when you type up Lolita in youtube(women dressing as little girls with lots of skin showing) I would like to hear what people thought lolita was and where did they get it from how did you (if you did) explain what the fashion was?

Shipping costs?

Would anyone know how much fanplusfriend and candy violet shipping costs would be to the Netherlands?
Thank you(:

I was going to either buy the cv petti or the F=F petti, so i was wondering which had cheaper shipping.

Lolita Convention in Paris!



With our partners Boddywood ( Angelic Pretty corner ), François Amoretti (the illustrator of Gothic Lolita), Le Chemin de Briques Roses, Collectif OYC and Baby The Stars Shine Bright Paris, Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban association wants to organize a lolita convention in Paris.

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Loli-able Shoes in Unusual Colors

Going with the theme of the month, I thought it would be fun to posts some links to shoes you found in unusual colors. I'm sure I'm not the only one who enjoys the thought of having shoes that go with your olive, plum, or whatever-it-may-be dress or skirt!

I personally find some of Fluevog's shoes, especially these to be a nice loliable shoe in some crazy colors. I personally really want these in olive and taupe. Probably a bit more steampunk, but way gorgeous. There's also a lot others on their site with interesting colors.

So, what cute shoes have you found in unique colors? Whether they be inexpensive or super high quality, post your finds here!

Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack!

So!  After trying all day to buy my pack when they came out a couple weeks back because the website wasn't working properly, then waiting for the package to go to the shipping center and then to me...it's here!  I was so excited when I got home and saw it that I opened it before I even took off my coat :D



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