January 26th, 2010

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Skin products

Skin care is a very important factor for lolitas. They are always regarded as having clean and beautiful skin. So im asking what do you do to have that pefect skin? Im specifically asking what products do you use like sets that come with the cleanser, toner moisturizer...etc.

What brand and what's best for each type of skin? What products do you use that only come out in your country? I don't have horrible skin but im not exactly content with it either. I want to stop using foundation to make my face look "even".  I  have a mix of dry and oily skin and a few beauty marks a want to fade out a bit. I have a blackhead problem. They are all over my nose and im looking for the right products to have great skin.

Who doesn't want smooth and beautiful skin? (Im specifically asking for skin care products but if this entry already exist then please delete this mods)

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Hong kong lolita shops

Hello girls,

I'm going to hongkong soon, and I'd like to know whether anyone has been to the list of loli shops in hongkong recently. How are the shops like and is it worth buying from them? Are there any more to recommend and OT, but any good himegyaru shops as well?

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The 150-word-sentence

This might bore the hell out of some of you, but I was recently assigned to compose a 150 word sentence, that had to include a variation of clauses and punctuation. I decided I could rant the most about lolita, so here's what I came up with (though it's actually 168 words):

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Did anyone ever bought this from bodyline?

I was wondering if anyone bought this lovely yukata from bodyline-

And could give me review about the quality.
Oh and btw..Hows the sizing?
Beacuse im like 3-4 cms bigger on the chest and 2 cms smaller on waist..So its very on the line of not fitting me.
Im not used to buying online clothes that already have a size,im mostly buying costume size so idk how much critical this is,
Can anyone tell me?

Thank you!
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Baby's Cherry Ribbon OP Print ad?

Hey there!

Does anyone have a scan of the print ad for the Cherry Ribbon OP? (Or a web resolution image, I'll take what I can get. :3)

The way I remember it, the girl was standing, wearing the white colorway of the dress with a matching headbow, had long blonde pigtails, and was holding a closed parasol.

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Thank you!
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So your boss finds out you wear lolita...

I figure most of us work full time or at least part time to fund our lolita purchases, so I'd like to ask - how did your boss react when he/she found out that you dress in lolita? How did you react to their reaction? Most of us know about the 'lolita' episode of What Not to Wear and how the boss/supervisor in it reacted. Are there any other types of reactions other than out and out rejection?

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I'm looking at buying the Rose Melody Rosa & Fairy Coat from Qutieland, but wondered if anyone had any reviews of it? I want it to be a proper winter coat so I'm wondering if its very warm, and whats the quality like? And does it look like the picture on the website? Better yet, do you have any pictures of it worn?

Also what worries me is the fact that on the product description it says "Final product waist lace would be different with the photo above", so what does it look like? Is it terribly cheap looking lace?

Thanks for any help!

wonder party

Seattle Ghostly Valentines Meet Up - Saturday, February 13th!

what: The famous Pike Place Market Ghost Tour! Voted the #2 best ghost tour in the entire USA!
when: Tour leaves at 7pm, be at meeting point no later than 6:45pm. This is the tour's requirement.
where: meet at The Gum Wall @ 1410 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101.
cost:: $15 (Paid in cash at the beginning of the tour)
dinner after (if you want to join!): at the Night Kitchen, which is absolutely yummy.
rsvp: please comment if you would like to join, and watch the wa_lolis community for updates. I will keep any further planning off of egl for obvious reasons:)

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Has anyone else on here loved lolita for a while, but took a long time to wear it?

Hey everyone. So I've been on this community under different guises (finally settled on a username I really like) on and off for about 7 years. This may sound shocking, but I've only actually worn lolita outside of my house once.

I suppose I always come up with excuses for not wearing it. First I was too young, then I couldn't afford it, then I needed to fix my sewing machine, after that it was finishing getting down to my goal weight. The list just kept going. I adore the fashion, I know it top to bottom, but for some reason I just did not wear it.

While that is all changing, I'm pulling out my patterns and tons of fabric and making some lovely skirts and blouses (I can always bring them in when I lose more weight) I do wonder if there are others who have yet to wear it a lot, or took quite a while to finally build up the confidence and momentum to wear what they want.

It seems taking my own advice took me far longer than I ever expected.

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Hi! Please delete this if it's not allowed.

I have started a new sewing blog. I would appreciate it if you would take a look sometime. Link.

I'm not gonna be so active on it right now because I don't have the time to sew and I don't have any fabric :( but keep looking, I'm going to Turku soon to buy more fabric ^__^

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