January 25th, 2010

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Lolis in Europe: How do the average people react?

Hi girls~ ^^ So, I live in the US and am going on a trip with my mom and sister to Europe this summer and will be in lolita the whole time (because I don't have much else to wear haha) but I am a little bit nervous about what reactions I should expect. I will be in England, France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and perhaps a few other stops along the way. Can someone who lives in one of these places tell me how the average people react to you when you are in lolita? In the US, I get lots of comments both to my face and behind my back, sometimes nice and sometimes very rude, so I want to know how bad it is over there and perhaps some tips on how I should respond?
Thanks a lot!

A tiny question regarding a certain website

I was wondering if anyone here has ever bought on this site http://www.jessicaswonderland.com/epages/es121353.sf
They don't seem to update that much but the prices seem decent so does the products at least to my eye.
But I don't know if this site is reliable or not so I would like to hear it from someone who has bought something there before.

EDIT: The thing I find odd about jessicas wonderland is that they sell on a site neotokyo.de.
Now you're probably saying it doesn't matter but matter of factly the site is actually listed on sexpot revenge offical site's shoplist. So I asume that neotokyo wouldn't sell a "brand" if it wasn't of decent quality.

Any opinion on this?
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Shirley Temple Size 160

Hello Ladies! Since my search failed to turf out any results, I was wondering if anyone could help me understand what Shirley Temple's "size 160 cm" is exactly? Even if you are able to direct me to a Japanese language site that explains the measurements, I'll be able to read it. It's just that all I've found on the blog is that the length of the dress is 92cm. Thank yoU!!

EDIT: Specifically, does anyone know the typical bust size?

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Everyday outfits with Tea party shoes

Does anyone wear their SS tea party shoes with their everyday outfits?

I'd be quite interested in seeing photos of people incorporating them. As i just bought a pair (waiting for them in the post) and I would love to wear them with my non-lolita outfits.

So any photos would be great :)

Thank you,
Dina x

Edit: i don't need advice on what to wear them with! i just wanna see/read what you wear your ones with.

BTSSB new reserve!

I just wanted to let you all know that there are new reserve items on the BTSSB website!
It's AatP Sleeping Beauty!
The items are absolutly gorgeous, I personally love the OP most of all!  I hope paypal refunds me soon! >_< (be careful of scammers btw T_T haha)

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Mashimaro Girl Shipping Policy?

So I read from past reviews that mashimaro_girl isn't great with communication but I'm not one of those 'i demand a daily update about my order!!!' customers so I thought I'd give them a shot since I fell in love with some of their instock items. However, I made my payment 6 days ago and haven't heard a peep from them since despite having prompted them twice and I'm really worried because I need my order to get to a recipient in China by this week, something which I've emphasized to them in my emails.

Honestly all I need is a confirmation that they've shipped the items and a tracking number. It's domestic shipping since items and receipient are both in China and the items are instock. They don't need 6 days to make shipping arrangements, do they?

Anyway this isn't supposed to be a rant post. I'm posting this because I want to know if it is mashimaro_girl 's practice of not updating customers about shipping status after shipping the items. This concerns some decisions I have to make. And if anyone personally knows the people behind mashimaro_girl I'd greatly appreciate it if you could let them know they have a customer anxiously waiting for some update on my order. Thank you!

(sorry I wasn't sure if this should go to the sales comm but this isn't really supposed to be a buyer shoutout so I hope it's ok to post it here)
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IW inquiry

Hey there!

I've just won Innocent World's Emblem JSK (the non-haltered variety in black, same as in the picture) through mBok and I was curious as to what else there is from this series. Would anyone please provide me with extra pictures of the variety of things from this particular line - even if they're just different versions of dresses or something? I'd like to see it all. :]

I'd also really appreciate IW's coordinate picture and maybe coordinates of this dress by you! In my case, I'm planning to wear it in many different ways, among these, I've thought of wearing it with a tweed blazer and oxford shoes to give it an extra British flair to it, and maybe a hat, but I've yet to figure out what kind of hat.

Thank you for reading and for your inputs!
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JP Stores shipping question

I did search the memories but didn't find the answer I was looking for.

I recently made two seperate orders from Angelic Pretty's international website, and both orders arrived seperately at JP Stores and I've been billed for seperate shipping for each parcel. I (obviously wrongly) assumed that they automatically combined shipping if you had more than one parcel with them which is why I didn't hesitate making the two seperate orders from AP but now they want to charge me a total of £73 shipping.

I sent a message to JP Stores asking if they can combine the parcels and apologising for not asking sooner, but have gotten no reply yet, in the message centre is shows up as "During processing". And I just wondered if anyone else had succeeded in combining the shipping this way or am I just too late and lumped with the extortionate shipping? Are JP Stores generally any good at replying to messages and how long is the average wait?

Bodyline dress worn picture ?

Hello everyone! First time poster.

I wanted to know if anyone has any worn pictures of this skirt in pink, hehe. I've seen it in black, but I'm quite worried that the pink might be too bright. Uhm, yes, any other reviews about this particular skirt are more than welcome! <3


Thanks <3


<_< i'm trying to avoid making another topic..

I just need to know something. There are two pictures of this:


The one with the model is an almost lavander-ish colour, and the other picture: 


Where it's a nice rose-pink-ish colour. I've seen the second one in a review here.. But it was kinda old, so I was wondering if the second colour is the colour I'll be getting if I order it today? 


(I'm talking about the pink version in both of the pics :3U)




Edit: o_O I just noticed there's a "pink" and a "purple" option.. So I guess the first pic is the "purple" one, and the pink one in the second pic is the "pink" on, right? XDD

Question About Bigger sizes In On-Budget stores^^

Im kinda new to the whole lolta community,And lolita in general.
But ive been in couple sites that sells lolita clothes.
Both on budget and a little expnasiver.

But the thing is..Mostly the On-Budget stores,Such as bodyline for exemple sells only 1 size And its mostly avarge or below avarge sizes.

And you know..Im not huge but im a girl with curves and most of the clothes sizes the stores holds are either not my size,or just like on the line from being 2 small on me.

So i was wondering if anyone knows a stores on-budget that have kinda larger sizes.
Btw,just so you guys have a proportion on how big i am,Heres my measurement -
[Im pretty sure i added a couple of cms just to be safe,but its not that critical :P ]
Height : 169cm
Chest : 100cm
UnderBust : 83cm
Waist : 80cm
Hip : 104cm

Thanks everyone!