January 24th, 2010


I just thought I'd share this because I thought it was cute.  My friend watches this AKB48 (Japanese teen-sploitation pop group) television drama, and he sent me this pic from it: 

Hopefully you can see the full-size by clicking it.  Note the pink brass knuckles and deco'ed baton! 
Hope you thought this was as funny as I did!  With the other two with weapons, I feel like the girl on the right is going to cut me with that cookie half. 
EDIT: The show is named "majisuka gakuen," and this pic is from next week's episode.
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Looking for egl member...?


I was just wondering if anyone has any information on how to contact kimalucifer (kima lucifer). She used to run a shopping service, and I'm hoping she still does. However, her website wasn't working for me, blog is not updated, and she apparently got a new phone because my New Years message bounced back to me. I'm starting to worry about whether she's alright or if her finals ate her alive, because I haven't heard from her in a while. ;-; I know it's a bit irregular, but if anyone has any info about even just her shopping service or if she's discontinued it, it'd be welcome information. Thanks in advance. ♥
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Minuscule Typo in Shipping Address - Should that be of any concern?

I just ordered from Bodyline my first lolita clothes. Unfortunately, I caught a slight spelling error in the address after I checked out. All the letters are there, one is just switched.

This is my first time ever ordering online, and it's oversea's...
Should I be concerned or is this no big deal?
(I figured I'd check on here because you guys have never let me down with any of my questions! <3 Thank you guys!)

Scammer Alert: Banira_usagi

Although the details are hazy right now, it looks like we have a mass scam on our hands. Can anyone who has any information on the user banira_usagi or has been in a transaction with her please post in the linked thread. she seems to also used both the names 'Kei Tanaka', 'Mari Yamamoto' and 'Chiaki Watanabe' on her paypal, and it is unclear whether she lives in in Canada or Japan, as she has stated both as places of residence. I strongly encourage anyone who has set her funds via paypal to open a claim now.

Thread here

I would also like to use this opportunity to say, please, please ask for feedback. Even if it is your dream dress, if the sale feels sketchy, don't go for it. Conducting sales via PM is also a tell tale scammer sign. It is simple to request that you would like the item, but would like her to make a sales post for it. Deleting sales posts is also another scammer sign. Please watch out for these things.

EDIT: i have checked her IP addresses from mid '09 and she was/is in Canada. She seems to be in Surrey. Lolitas there, i think you may have a scammer amongst you.

known paypal addresses/emails:
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License to Frill? :D

Hello everyone ^^

I'm in 10th grade, so all my friends have been getting their permits/licenses one by one. Every time I see one, I think how cool it would be to have a loli-esque picture for my license...with nice big ringlets and a hairbow, y'know? :D (And blue hair, but that's just a personal thing, hehe.)

Someone I follow on Dailybooth posted a picture a while back of herself just like that (minus the blue hair) and said she got her license picture taken with it! I didn't think it was actually possible...like, they wouldn't make you take the bow off or anything? Does anyone know? I'm sure we weren't the first ones with the idea. Has anyone else done it before? :D I'd like to know because I'll (hopefully) be getting my permit next month. Luckily I also live in a small town, and our DMV is usually empty. Last time I was there, the lady behind the counter seemed pretty nice too. So should I go for it? x3

Ohhh, now I need to find the perfect bow...♥ so excited!
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Anime Expo Scandalised!

Okayso, first things first, I'm not actually sure how relevant this is to us as lolitas (or if this is, in fact, old news or something, please enlighten me), but I thought it would at least carry a bit of weight since AX appears to be a big part for us meetup-wise, shopping-wise or even just seeing people we aren't able to see often. (Don't you guys deny it. There are usually a number of posts about who's going, who's selling stuff, etc.) And obviously some of us harbor love for anime and blah blah secrets. So!

Here is a link to the official article:


And this is a cosplay.com thread that is easier to read because it's in layman's terms:

http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=199491 (This particular post lists the actual details about all the drama, but I can't say if it's concrete truth.)

To sum up, there's a spat going on between the CEO of SPJA and the AX staffers, with a lot of bad terminations, blood, personalities, and whatnot. If anyone has anymore info, that would be super helpful because right now it looks like attendance (whether for guests or attendees) looks iffy but maybe I'm just talking out of my butt or something rofl.

Lolita Day

I just got back from the most awesome-est event ever XD
Well.. It was a two day event, so I will first write about Saturday, Lolita Day, and Sunday, Tea Party with Baby.

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Both of the events were awesome! And I'm really glad I went to both of them^^
I was able to talk to Isobe-San and Uehara-San! <3 They were so sweet!!
And I won a book! Took some pictures! Met new friends!
Overall, a great experience^^
Oh my!

Formal Party Dress Help?

In april or so, the company my dad works at is having a formal ball type thing. Dont ask me why. I think it might be for charity, and something else. Either way it's a business exchange formal ball party. I still can't explain it correctly since he doesn't quite know himself. -_-
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