January 23rd, 2010

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J-Chan Designs - Opinions?

Hello, new member here.
Lately I've done little but browse online and make wish lists. I stumbled over a shop on etsy called J-Chan's Designs, which features a line of what they call "tea party clothes" - what look, to my admittedly untrained eye, like some pretty cute skirts and dresses at very reasonable prices. Has anyone ordered from them before? What's the quality like, and are they as cute in person as they are in photos?


I thought these pieces especially were cute.
Ordinary Oranges
Blue Roses

Thank you for any and all input.
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Help: Why Lolita is called Lolita?

Hi everybody!

We were talking about this topic in a Spanish forum (http://lolitainthesky.foroactivo.com/portal.htm) because a girl was working on a research essay about Lolita, otakus, gals... you know, all the stuff. And the fact is that we realised that we do know it's not after Nabukov's Lolita (or at least the word has not the intention of calling that) but don't know why it's called Lolita. We think it has Western origins as rorita is written in katakana in Japanese, but don't know.

Maybe if you know why or just want to give your opinion, could comment and so I could give some new points of view about the topic to my Lolita partners.

Thank you everybody for all your help in advance =D
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leopard print loli?

Someone posted an outfit post before where it was a leopard print lolita dress.
I was wondering if anyone knew what brand it was and if anyone had a picture of it
o-o I'm really curious how it pulls together and I remember the dress came out quite lovely 

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Discussion: Public Photographs

Doesn't everyone love the excuse "I cannot find service anywhere" excuse when they point their camera phone towards you? Then they chase you around the store because, all lolitas hide satellites under their petticoats~! (^_^)
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Have you ever had an experience like this? Did you do anything about it? How do you feel about the closed-minded, I'm-too-cool-for-you people who act like paparazzi to you? Let's hear your opinions~! ♥
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Bodyline or F+F: the budget-stores! (sort of...)

There's already a thread for what I was wondering but it was back in 2008 and things have changed a bit since then.

Lolita is specific (relatively) on the appearance and obviously hard on the wallet; so when people see a "good deal" in lolita, it will be met by plenty of caution and scrutiny. I've noticed that beginners and budget-tight people (like me) will often get directed toward Bodyline or Fanplusfriend for wardrobe additions (usually these two since they have more style variety than, say, Annahouse). Of course, these suggestions are usually accompanied by "Be careful!" but then again, what brand doesn't have major misses too?

But the point is, I was wondering which is "better" between the two: Bodyline or Fanplusfriend?

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Perhaps some of you already know that MAC recently released a collaborative line with Lilly Pulitzer. They've got some really beautiful bright cream blushes in the line in unusual colors (I'm going to have to try the orange at some point, just to see if it's as weird as I think it should be), one of which I had to test out. I can't remember the name, but it's a vibrant fuschia in the package, but when you pat it on using a makeup sponge (or your fingers) it creates a really nice, bright, but fairly natural pink flush, great for a doll like look. They had some shimmery mineral shadows as well that I didn't have time to get much of a look at, but they always do great colors.
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Edit - checked out MACs site, and it's called Florida. And see how pretty? :D
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Help for confused Newcomer?

Okay so, I'm new and I apologize beforehand in case I'm doing something wrong here.
I've read the rules and hope I didn't miss anything.

I have a problem concerning something that I want to buy and I need your help and opinion since I got the impression that you're all very experienced here and thought it was the best place.

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Thank you very much in advance and sorry if I made myself a nuisance here =)
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