January 22nd, 2010

Cyperous wigs?

Hi everyone. Had a quick look at the memories but there didnt seem to be any reviews of these wigs =) Im actually looking to buy a wig for a non-lolita purpose, but since they sell lolita style wigs on there I thought it would be ok to ask!

What is the quality like and how long do the styled wigs tend to last? They're relatively expensive so I dont want to waste my money on a wig that will lose shape =)

Thanks for your help~
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Tokyo Rebel Review

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Overall I give Tokyo Rebel an A+

I am positively giddy about the great service I've gotten from them. At a time when the exchange rate is not that great and money is a bit tight, Tokyo Rebel has made it economically feasible for me to afford my favorite brand - and they do it without compromising customer service or quality. If you are going to order from VM, I strongly recommend their service. They do group orders on occasion, take special orders, and stock VM items in their US shop. Seriously, Tokyo Rebel = AWESOME.

Thanks for looking!