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Hello egl!

Long time lurker, and now I've finally got something to say. Or rather, ask.

I'm very quite aware that one dresses Lolita/EGA at a Lolita Meet Up, but has anyone had an experience where someone comes...not dressed in Lolita or EGA, but has a good attitude? (Sounds outrageous, I know)

As someone who cannot afford Lolita clothes and lives in a socially unaccepting neighborhood, I would think it should be allowed (if it isn't already) to come not dressed in Lolita, as long as they have proper respect/ love of it. I have many friends who can afford the clothes and therefore participate at meetups, whereas, I cannot. I believe lovers of lolita should be allowed to come and meet with a group of the same interests. What do you lolitas think?
Cupcake Lolita!

Lolita (and other FRUiTs style) Fashion Parade

Hey there!

Each year at a local convention, a few of us Lolita's hold a Lolita and J-Fashion parade and competition, with great success. It is a little rusty in parts but it is still up in the top five most attended events at the convention which is great.

This year I am seeking to improve the whole thing and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions that would help contribute to making this event even more awesome than the last.

The categories that have not changed from the past three years are: Lolita and Decora. We have also tried some other styles such as J-rock fashion, a Kimono inspiration and EGA as a separate category from the EGL (Lolita), some of which have gone off with a hit and some have not so much.

We have also improved on the prizes and will improve further this year, with myself now being in charge of the prizes for the con. Last year we had for first prize: 1x Japanese Mook current issue (Gothic & Lolita Bible, Alice Deco or FRUiTs), Kera Magazine (Current Issue), a Btssb Letter Set and Gold Medals with the category on them (click here for sample picture). Second prize was a Btssb Letter Set.

Each Parade, we have the participants line up, coming onto the stage announced seperately and then have a chat to the Host, who asks them a short list of questions (such as "where did you get it, what is your favourite piece, etc), then the participant is asked to pose for a few photos and then take their place back in the participants seating area. Pretty basic.

I'm looking for ideas of how to sproose it up a bit and make it a little less monotonous and a bit more fun and less embarrassing and nerve wracking for the participants. So I would like to thank you in advance for your suggestions and input as it will most definitely help with making the event much more fun!


Who is This?

I absolutely adore this photo, I'm pretty sure I found it here on EGL and was wondering if anyone could tell me who this person is and if there were more photos from this particular shoot? I need to do a presentation on a subculture for my sociology class and I would like ask them for their permission to use this as an example of Hime lolita and to see if she has any pictures of the full outfit. Thank you.

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Hiya all.

i would just like to check before i sit here re-doing the memories that the format in which it is done works well. I have just rehashed the baking and cooking section, see HERE  the date is written first, so when you organize by title, they will be in order of when they were added. just curious what would be most functional.

or perhaps, again using the baking section as an example, they can start with acronyms? eg DECORATIVE, BAKING, COOKING so they'll all be in order of sub-sections?

also, this is the current list of what the memories will be changed to:

    * Baking/Cooking
    * Brand and Offbrand Reviews
    * Brand-Specific
    * Clothing care
    * Crafting & DIY
    * Discussions & Essays
    * Good for Beginners
    * Hair & Wigs & Beauty
    * Important Community Notices
    * Independent Reviews
    * Just for fun
    * Lucky Packs
    * Media
    * Non-Online Shopping
    * Online Ordering & Navigation
    * Other
    * Petticoat/Reviews
    * Reactions & Opinions
    * Sewing & DIY
    * Style Guides


purikura ONLINE! WHAT?

I found purikura online. I just recently did real purikura in japan town and was just curious if there were programs you could download online. This is a free website! I just figured that there would be some lolita girls that would find this amusing.

Hear is the real one I did

hear is my before picture

This is what I turned it into online
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African or Naturally Curly hair, lets help each other out

 So I'm always looking for new hairstyles and products.  I'm bi-racial so my hair is not exactly like one or the other but it has alot in common with most naturally curly/kinky hair, regardless of race.

There aren't alot of dedicated sources out there for lolita looks for this hair type so I'm trying to put a blog together.  Not so much that I can have a blog so I can post pics of myself and check every five minutes to see if someone says i'm cute (i hate posting pics of myself, it's better left to those who enjoy it)  but more hoping that I can get posts and help from other people with similar hair types to create sort of 'database' if you will.  You know, share tips and experiences and what not. because its a pain filtering through these long lj postings to find what i'm looking for.

The reason for this is I'm growing my hair out natrualy (no relaxers!) and that's a big change and I"m still trying to remember how to style it.  My hair's been straighten since 1999 so it's been awhile.  I feel like its important embracing my style and I wish I could see more natural curls in lolita too. (not that straight haired lolis have much 'natural' hair either hehe) 

Anyway, if any one is interested, or if this exists already and I don't have to do it myself, please let me know!

Here's the link: Afro-loli

and message me if you've already done a tutorial and wouldn't mind me posting it,  (with a link to your blog/whatever)
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