January 20th, 2010

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Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack

I ordered a lucky pack off the Angelic Pretty International site and got a notice it was in the stock over the weekend and paid for it this past Sunday. Since then I have heard nothing from them. I posted a message asking them to confirm they received the paypal payment but haven't gotten a response. I haven't paid for shipping yet but the message said to wait until I get an amount. How long does it normally take from the time you pay to get an invoice for the shipping? Has anyone else who ordered a lucky pack from them gotten a shipping invoice yet?

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sby, famiko

~Translated Lolita Baton 100 Q&A~

So I went and translated one of the most popular lolita Batons (Or Memes over in the west) in Japan. Hope I did ok!
Please copy and paste this into your blogs and link the entry in the comments here so we can see your answers!!
Please enjoy it and pass it on to all the lolitas you know

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Novala Takemoto translations

Hi girls!!

I need your help for a work. Does anyone has Novala Takemoto's translated poems? I had a carpet with them but I lost them and I used to use this page http://www.curiosityvalentine.com/archive.html but it doesn't work for me any longer u.u

I'm specially [desesperately] looking for [My boyfriend is Mr. Spock]

Hope any of you can help me!!

Thanks in advanced
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