January 19th, 2010

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Belle_bete update


I've finished all the paperwork on this case, the total amount scammed is: $1,525.52 USD.

Because of the sensitivity of the data (contains names, email addresses etc) only the people involved in the case will have the full spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will be sent to the email given in the form.

If your name is *NOT* listed below, it means you haven't sent me an email yet with your particulars. Please fill up this form here and send it to sumeragi_ AT hotmail.com as soon as possible thank you!

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Victoria, BC meetup - (at Tsukino-con/Kei-kon)

Hey there! For all you islanders who don't know yet, there's a con this year!  We have old staff from Kei-kon who have crossed over to make this new anime convention for you and it's Tsukino-con now.

I'm helping to organize a Lolita Fashion show at the con, (I've been making pettis and bloomers... oh so much tulle @.@) there will be professional photographer Jason Tice there (he did the con last year and is a regular at SCA events) and anyone who wants to come and see the us would be awesome! 

I'm also planning a BJD meetup at some point during the con, it'll probably be on the sunday.

Tsukino con happens the weekend of reading break at the University of Victoria, February 19-21st.  We're in the same building Kei-kon was in last year, the ECS building.  For more con info please see here www.tsukinocon.com and here are our forums tsukinocon.proboards.com/index.cgi

Lolita Fashion show will be at 5PM in the UVIC ECS building February 19th, the meetup will be a get-together at the con after the show, mostly for photos, everyone is welcome to answer questions to the public to help us with the Lolita name!
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Oregon Meetup, Steampunk themed!

Hello everybody! 
I am posting this to all my groups that have an interest in the Neo-Victorian aesthetic.  I would like to further encourage any Oregon Loli's to become more active in any/all vintage/steampunk events in the future. 

The imaginative costume and adventuring enthusiasts of the Portland-Metro area were considering coming up with a steampunk-oriented campout this year.  Unfortunately, they have since abandoned the project-- a situation, I can only guess, concerning the old adage: "too many cooks". 

Well, some personal associates of mine have been footing around the idea of hosting a little gathering anyway.  We considered renting a campgroud, but that's risky as no one really has any money. 

At present, I'd like to just get an idea of how many people have an interest in doing this.  Here are some things we're seriously considering... any and all feedback is greatly appreciated:

Meet-up and photoshoot at Vernonia Lake Campground...  www.vernonia-or.gov/living/parks/vernonialake.asp  Here is someone's very inspired photoshoot at the abandoned millhouse that I so admire: www.flickr.com/photos/exoskeletoncabaret/sets/72157606675440858/  I totally wanted to have my wedding there... even these awesome pictures do not do the mill real justice.  You'd have to see it. 

We thought it would be appropriately steampunk-worthy to host this spontaneous meetup on Nikola Tesla's Birthday, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla whch falls this year on a Saturday-- July the 10th. 

EDIT EDIT EDIT! I just realized that this is Oregon Country Fair's Big day
.  It would be a little foolish to put it there.  Maybe the 17th?  Feedback?

We are currently brainstorming and asking for suggestions on activities that could be fun and free or very close to free.  Here are some of the ideas so far:
  • A croquet game or 2. 
  • A tea ceremony and perhaps a potluck
  • Flag ceremony?  I thought it might be rather authentic to open and close our informal meetup with a hoisting and taking down the colors.  Would be really fun to get a hodge-podge "regiment" of like-minded military characters together to do such  thing.
  • I would be very interested in getting the Wooden Boat Society interested in having a meetup at the same time as Vernonia Lake has a very accessible boatramp
This is going to be reposted in many other places in the world.  Please spread the word!  Let me know what level the interest would be!
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Angelic pretty plushes?

Does anyone know what the toys are called from the Angelic Pretty Shoots? Like in Dreamy Dollhouse?? I know they're vintage but if anyone could tell me the company name or any information that would be nice:)

Bodyline Cloths

ok so this is the yukata i plan on buying:

so the question i have is this: like their shoes, does anyone know if bodyline makes their cloths with a little room for it to fit comfortably and not squeeze the life out of people? also, if a pannier from them will make the yukata poof and have the bell shape depicted in the picture? all answers and comments are HIGHLY appreciated!!!
oh and this is the pannier i hope to get:
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Kind of a Themed Post...Photographing Make-up

So, I know this topic isn't exclusively lolita-related, but I figured it's related enough to post about.  Also, now seems like a good time to post with the make-up theme.

So, I would like advice on getting really nice, clear photos of make-up.  What kind of lighting/flash do you use?  Anything in particular you do with the make-up itself to make it show better in photos?  Have a favorite camera for clear make-up photos?  Etc.

Any advice is appreciated!  I've been having trouble with this for a long time.  I love the way my make-up looks IRL, but in a photo it seems so muted and unclear.

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TaobaoBuying.com , are they reliable?

 I post another entry and a lady told me that in this page www.taobaobuying.com , I can ask the guy becouse I was searching a bag.
My question is if he or they are realiable, someone has ordered with them? Their commision are the 10 % but they have (or they said that...) a 50 % disscount of EMS.That's true? I mean, the shipping will cost much more less than others...I'm very sorry about my bad english!
Thank you so much!

A Question Regarding Motivation: Attention Please???

 Having watched Lolita Letters for a few months, I've noticed the same theme occurs in a LOT of people's "Why I Like Lolita" answers.
I like being different / standing out / being original.

And now I'm curious. IS that why most of us wear this style? Are there shy Lolitas, or are the majority of us actually seeking attention? This community seems to denounce Snowflake Syndrome as a flaw, but are we ourselves victims of a milder version?

And if the attention is unwanted, how do you cope? I'm dying to hear all your answers. My answer's in the comments. (^u^)/
Edit: I apologise for the unintentionally leading nature of my question. I was simply seeking reassurance that we can indeed be a properly grounded group of human beings. And so far I have not been disappointed. Thank you all so much for re-affirming my faith in well-behaved Lolitas.
x x x
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Halloween guro lolita nurse

Finding a Lolita dress and boots!

i love this dress, its the only sweet lolita dress i love. I am usually a gothic or punk lolita and I want something for the spring. I have looked everywhere for about a year, a 10 months ago I found this dress but I didnt save the ordering link only the picture DX. If someone can help me with the site or a dress that looks similar to this please?
I have also been trying to find punk/lolita platform boots, preferrably not with a big heel and black or white, i want either buckles or lace up boots. I am not a big fan of hot topic boots but i want one that sort of looks like them except less dull but not shiny like a stripper's. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thank You!
ps. was there a post asking for Otakon lolita models? i didnt see any and wanted to make sure unless my eyes skipped it.
Pretty Lolita

Bodyline website confusion.

I was browsing Bodyline's english site for the first time in over a month and a half and cannot for the life of me find the bonnets, Alice Bows, or the headdresses (other than the one under "headdress"). I was looking specifically for the"piano key" bonnet, strawberry gingham bow or bonnet, the round headdresses with three bows, and the big black Alice bow. Where are they now?

edit: Checking the memories only got me reviews.

These are the products I was talking about:

I couldn't find the piano keys bonnet--but one item I could believe was out of stock.
Gignham bow: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/bodyline/g923/
Gingham bonnet: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/bodyline/g925/
Round headdress: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/bodyline/g1081/
Black alice bow: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/bodyline/gothic428   

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Buying EGL

I have been into sweet lolita for a while now, but I'd like to try something different. Gothic Lolita! I am looking mainly for a black JSK with white trim. My qustion is where is the best place to buy EGL JSK's for a reasonable price? What would you EGL girls (or guys) go first to look? I also would prefer to buy Western but as long as it ships to the US, I will take a look ;)

I am looking for these parts:
Blouse (Black)
Socks (All black, or black with white trim)
Bloomers or drawers (Black)
Boots (Black)
Headress (Black with white trim, perhaps matching the dress)
Accessories (themed as bats, crowns, roses, cages, keys, cameo, and gold.)
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Miku icecream

(no subject)

I feel really stupid for asking this but...

On mbok, does the red price mean "buy now"? I know the kanji means something along the lines of "prompt decision"...for example, if it says:
現在価格 : 3,500円

The price in the parenthesis is the buy now, if I'm not mistaken?

I checked the memories and used the search function, but couldn't find anything...

Thanks for your help ;]