January 18th, 2010

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Hi, it's me, yanderess, who's running the Secret Santa. I've gotten a few (not many) emails saying that their Secret Santa gift was never sent to them. ;__;

If you haven't gotten a gift, please comment here. This is the best way to get through to me because my email has a spam filter that sometimes gets rid of messages. If you didn't receive your gift, I'd like to have it all here in one place.

I will then give you the username of the person who was supposed to send your gifts and you can ask them what happened/leave negative feedback/etc.

Comments will be screened.

Also, sorry for lack of updates, I've been away/busy during winter break! That's why I made to schedule the cut off date for when I was back. :D. EGL, I WILL NOT NEGLECT YOU. <3.
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A Little Help?

Recently, I was given the opportunity to model in a Harajuku fashion show.  I was really excited to get the chance to show off not only lolita, but other styles popular in Japan, as they also asked me to be the fashion coordinator of the show.  It was a major disappointment then when I was given only two weeks, no budget, and no way of contacting the models to give suggestions and feedback on the outfits they chose.  As such, the fashion show was less of a 'let's imitate the many interesting and diverse styles found in Japan' and more of a 'let's wear mis-matched clothes and paint our faces white.'

A slideshow of the event can be found HERE.  I warn you now that some of the photos are NSFW.  At. all.  Also, please feel free to comment. I really think it would be helpful to the coordinators of the event and to the newspaper that covered the event, as neither seemed to do much homework on the subject matter, and it shows.

So my question is this: have any of you been in a situation like this, where you were given the chance to explain your passion for lolita, only to be let down completely by the final product?  What did you do?  Did you let it slide, or did you speak up?

Elegant Wonderland Retreat

November 5-7 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the beautiful Depot Hotel.

Activities will include:
You're Too Sweet! A Dessert Reception
A swap meet
Panels on hair and make-up
A clinic for the fancy men in your life
A dinner party
and more!

Your registration includes all activities at the hotel and your room.

More info: http://blaspheminascloset.com/elegant_wonderland/wonderland.html
Discussion Boards: http://elegantwonderland.proboards.com/
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Vancouver 2010 Olympics?

So all of us lolitas' here in Vancouver have been planning to just hide in our homes, but is anyone by chance visiting from out of town to come see the Olympic games? They run from February 15th to the 27th, I believe. I know I'm escaping Vancouver for a week to visit San Francisco, but I'm curious if any Lolita's will be here!

Art Post: The Clockwork Queen

So I decided to take a break from my transfigured wildlife series to do something a little bit different. I've been playing too much Soul Calibur, for sure, especially as Ashlotte. This lolita-inspired piece resulted. I've seen a few pieces like this done by other artists, so it's not completely "unique", but it was a lot of fun to draw.

If it's a bit of a stretch to include on EGL, or the content is inappropriate, I will remove it. But. I figured it's pretty tame? As always, constructive criticism is highly appreciated!

The following image may be considered NSFW due to partial nudity.
If you are sensitive to such things or on a computer where you would not want to be caught viewing that sort of material, do not click the cut.

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