January 17th, 2010

Help! Fairy-Angel

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me contact Fairy-angel because I have tried several times by email already in the past two days with no answer, probably because as they state on their site they will not answer emails in english. I need help telling them that the email address added to the account on their site is not my paypal account (that I will need to pay for my order). So as I reach the three day limit they have on their site to pay for my order, I am afraid my order will be canceled. Could someone with some fluency in Japanese please help me contact them about this matter? Thank-you
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Innocente Seraphim 2010 and Beyond!

Hi! It's been pretty quiet on the Innocente Seraphim news front since the debut lolita and BJD convention in August 2009. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes since then! I'm here with some quick updates about the future of the convention.

The first, most important update: There will be no Innocente Seraphim 2010. Don't worry! This doesn't mean the end of the con! In fact, the second most important update is that the second Innocente Seraphim convention will be at the Westin Bellevue on September 22-25, 2011! Why the year gap? Well, the founders were ready to sign for the end of August 2010, but then Anime Evolution in Vancouver, Canada made the move to late August as well. This would put InnoSera in direct competition with AE for attendees and dealers, plus all the other cons happening in that time period. It was decided to move the convention to a later September date, but every single nice venue was totally booked for September 2010. Rather than choose a sub-par location for the con and create a sub-par con experience, the InnoSera team will be hosting a series of short-term events over the course of 2010 and the con will be back and bigger and better in 2011!

The first such event is the InnoSera Swap Meet.

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Feel free to ask questions about the future InnoSera events, as well as suggest ideas for 2011! We have a lot of time to plan, so we really want to make it AWESOME.

Looking for English Lolita Blogs

  I am looking for the Lolita blogs that you guys read that are in English.  I looked in the memories and the "search" and found  a few.  But, I want more.  So, give me what you got. 
  I already found....
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  • Mag's Pies
  • Dollpart
  • Lolita Charm
  • La Carmina
  • The Official SF  BTSSB blog
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Sweet and gothic lolita makeup sale

Hello girls. I subscribe to the NYX makeup list and they're having a sale. A lot of items are $1. I didn't think this would be of interest to most anyone but they're selling a lot of light shades and some dark ones too (For you gothic lolitas ;D ).


If a mod thinks this is inappropriate, please feel free to delete this. I just thought I'd share because there's a LOT of shades suitable for sweet lolita =). There's mascara, lip stuff, eyeliners, glitters, some nail polish, false eyelashes, etc. at $1.

Edit: They ship US only as far as uttate  has mentioned. Sorry international lolitas =(.

Over posted, but I'm curious: Physical Harassment in lolita?

 Okay, so I know there are TONS of posts on bad reactions to Lolita, but I was looking on 'People of Walmart' and it brought back a memory for me. 

I was cosplaying (if people are interested, Kairi from KH2) at my local walmart one time and had an extremely scary happening. Me and my friend (who was in mild cosplay, I think) were casually walking, minding our own business and having a good time. All of the sudden we see this female couple (almost positive they were a couple) and one of the two gave me this death glare. I was scared, but was like, well maybe she's just mad cuz we're loud. They walk away a bit and I tell my friend about the glare, which she shrugged off also. We get to the end of the lane and go to turn when a bag of ONIONS (only two, but still) come flying past me, almost hitting me. o_____o

I turned around and it was the SAME LADY. 'Oops, it slipped' was all she had to say in a sarcastic tone. We actually needed groceries, so we were forced to attempted to dodge this couple the rest of the night. When we got in line to pay, they unfortunately got in line behind up. The one who threw it then proceeded to yell at us for laughing at her? o___o I think she thought we were laughing at her for being a lesbian (I still have NO CLUE why), which is the only reason I bring up her sexuality. ^_^ I have nothing against lesbians. And I think she thought we were laughing at her only because of the fact we looked different and were easy to pick out, since I still see no other reason.

While I know this isn't a Lolita story, I am curious, as a new lolita, should I be worried to possibly face this kinda of scary happenings? And have any other lolitas faced physical harassment? 

I thought it be nice to ask specifically about physical harassment, rather than just bad reactions. I didn't see anything in the search, but please delete if I missed it. ^_^;;;

Fabric and Lace in Tokyo

Once again, my google fu has failed me (in a large part because I don't read Japanese), so I come to you lovely ladies for help!
I'll be in Tokyo later this week and one of the things I want to buy is fabric and lace... but I don't know where to go! Is there any sort of fabric/garment district in Tokyo? Is there a chain of stores (similar to JoAnn in the US) that have the adorable Japanese fabrics and tulle lace? Is there some super awesome mom and pop shop hidden in Harajuku?
Any help would be great. I'm particularly looking for prints (like those sold from repret-depot etc.) and nice lace that is so hard to find in the US.
Anywhere in the general Tokyo area is fine, although if it's close to another shopping zone (Harajuku, Shinjuku, Shibuya) that's even better!
As thanks, I will happily put whatever information I get/use into a review/ guide when I return so that others will have it in the future.
Thank you very much!!!