January 16th, 2010

Casual lolita tops & t-shirts?

Hi hi~ I like to dress in casual lolita sometimes more often than full on lolita because it's well...more casual and I can get away with dressing like that at work ♥ :D

I was hoping that maybe someone here could direct me to where I could find some cute t-shirts/tops that would work well with casual lolita? Preferably not just Japanese brands...?

Thank you very much in advance!
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Shiro Loli

Has anyone bought from Harajuku Hot?

I searched about the site Harajuku Hot and could only find this post, but it's from 2008, and I'm assuming more people have brought from their since then, even if it's just one or two. I'm interested in buying, not their clothes, but one of their parasols. If anyone has bought from them, can you tell me what their service is like? How much is shipping to the US? (They don't mention where they're located, as far as I can see.) And if you have happened to buy one of their parasols, what are those like?
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Dreaming Macaron Photo Shoot?

Hey; I'm looking for pictures of Angelic Pretty Dreaming Macaron ads? Like ones with Amo in them??
I know they took some pictures but i was wondering if they actually put the pictures in magazines? If so, then i would like to see them please! :]
*edit* Does anyone have these pictures from the catalog?

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A big thank you to my mysterious Secret Santa

This Year I participated in the EGL Secret Santa gift exchange.

I sent my gift off, and then last week received my own gift in the mail, a success story! When a package arrived at my front door, I was very excited. Opening it my jaw dropped to the ground. My secret Santa had gotten me this MA/MAM tote bag!

now a GOOD gift no matter what the situation, what made it even more special for me is that I have wanted something with this print for YEARS. I have been a fan of that faceless alice x white rabbit print from MA/MAM since the first minute I ever saw it.

In keeping with the true nature of Secret Santa, my person left not trace of who they where. I really want to send big "thank you" to my Secret Santa.

it was the best gift ever and I appreciate it more then you could have ever guessed.

-ps- if said santa wants to review their identity, I'd *love* to send thank you card
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Hiya everybody I got some of the tutorials I got request for to make sweets jewelry.

Here are the

Sugar covered strawberry tutorial
Dripping Chocolate Tutorial
Polymer Whipped Cream Tutorial

The next set of tutorial will be for the classic ladies like me. So expect the cameo pendant necklace tut, hair corsage and dare I say the trico....... no I'll leave that a secret until its up hehe.  I will try to make videos for the hair accessories tutorials since they do require alot more steps than a few pictures can show. So those may take a week or two we'll see how it goes.

anyways hope you enjoy the tutorials linked above.

oh and for the country lolita I do have have some really cute ideas coming up for the spring and like always if anybody has requests let me know and I'll add them to my to do list.


Harajuku Hearts will be at AOD 2010! Please come by!

Hi Everyone,

We would like to announce that Harajuku Hearts will be at the Dealers Hall for Animation on Dispay (AOD) 2010.
AOD will take place in San Francisco, CA at Hotel Kabuki. January 30th and 31st 2010.
Hotel Kabuki Address: 1625 Post Street San Francisco CA 94115
The hotel is located right next to the Japan Center.
For more information on AOD: http://www.aodsf.org/aod/home/

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Thank you,
Harajuku Hearts

Alice in Wonderland Webcomic

Has anyone here read the Alice in Wonderland webcomic When Curiosity Met Insanity? It's written by zippitydodah27, and illustrated by bri_chan. It has a similar plot to the imminent Tim Burton film, but I believe WCMI came first. I'm plugging it simply because I love it.


I could find any prior posts about WCMI. If it's been discussed before, or my post is considered inappropriate, feel free to delete it.  

dirty, Beautiful, rch.

FanPlusFriend Question

Prom is coming up in a few months (the month of April), and I have my heart set on a dress I saw from FanPlusFriend. However, I have been searching through this community's memories, and the reviews of FPF products are quite mixed. As I do not want to order a dress that will be low on quality or that will be be shipped too late, I was wondering if anyone could give me some adivce on whether to buy it or not.

Here's the dress:

When you purchased an item from FanPlusFriend, were there any shipping issues? And if you bought this dress, especially, did it live up to expectations? Are their clothing, for the most part, high in quality?

Sorry for so many questions, but I am quite frazzled about the whole thing. ):