January 15th, 2010

Crown & Crumpet and Musee Mecanique SF Meetup pics

We recently had a meetup in San Francisco at Crown & Crumpet and The Musee Mecanique. Which is a collection of antique penny arcade machines (although now most of it takes quarters) from all over the world, including San Francsico's now defunct Playland amusement park. Jumping pictures, shrinking pictures and all around silliness and good times were had by all.

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creamy mami


I searched the memories and didn't see anything regarding the site http://www.lolidollie.com

I am wondering if anyone knows anything about it? (If there was a past post- can you direct me to it?)

I received an e-mail from the person who runs it (I'm assuming) asking to exchange links with me (I run a shop as well). I'm not sure what to think since they use pictures that are clearly from Bodyline and other sites. Also- when you hit Add to Cart it just automatically takes you to PayPal and tries to charge you.. seems kind of suspicious to me.

Any info would be helpful!


Thanks for all the advice- I don't think I will trade links since I don't want to send my customers to a shady business!

What are some of your favorite hair accessories?

Hello I'm ClefDeMonÂme and this is my first time posting to egl. I was hoping you could help me out.

I've been looking through my hair accessory stash and I noticed that I've got a dozen bows, a few hats and some vintage looking hair clips, but I feel as though I lack variety.

I would like to know (for inspirational purposes) what are some of your favorite hair accessories.

Thank you for your help
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AP magic1

AP English site

 I have a quick question regarding AP's English site.
Last time I ordered from them I paid right away, as soon as I finished my order
But now when I ordered something it says not to pay at all until I get some kind of second confirmation email.

Is this true?  Have they changed their system a bit in the last couple of months to this now?

meet up

Just curious to know if anyone was planning a meet up for May to the Sakura Matsuri in NYC, lol just curious. Besides all the lolitas i noticed that alot more cosplayers or ppl in kigurumis show up alot more lol. It would be nice to have a photoshoot and a good picnic givne if the day is nice and sunny :]. This is something in naturally looking forward to but was curious to know if anyone was plannign a meet for then.

also there was a post about Moma for the Alice in Wonderland meetup, cant seem to find it though.

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Lolita featured on HEL LOOKS

Hi guys. I watch a somewhat influential Finnish street snap blog called HEL LOOKS. It's pretty similar to Fruits or Kera in format. Anyway, the other day a lovely lolita was posted. Just wanted to share! <3

I love how many colors she played with, rather than just sticking to an all pink/white outfit. I don't *quite* agree that Mana "created the whole lolita style", but she knows her roots. :3 And you gotta love that smile. :D
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me fruit palar


I'm doing a report for school on fashion's effects on your view of yourself and others view of you. I was hoping some of you lovely lolitas would let me interview you. If you are willing please comment or send me an e-mail at pinkfuffyninja@aim.com. I am in the New york area and would like lolitas there. Also if any one knows any sites or books on this subject that would be great. If you have any questions ask here please!
thank you
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Question about lucky/happy packs for US lolis

hello, anyone who has ordered lucky/happy packs before from
BTSSB,meta and AP using EMS,

about how much is shipping to US
(standard pack, dress,bag,headband,accessory,socks)
also does anyone know what this packs looks like
in a better picture or have a picture of this exact same dress,bag,socks?

Megaman, Frickin&#39; Sweet!

FanPlusFriend Review! ^^

My first review ever! I know some people say F+F is hit or miss, especially with custom sizing, so I thought I'd post a review of my first ever F+F purchase (first big Lolita purchase, actually) and let you all know my experiences.

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