January 13th, 2010


So you want to buy from Rakuen.

I want to buy this dress from them! I love it so, but I have some doubts. The pictures on the site looks shady, they use an unprofessional email address and I haven't heard much about them. I looked into the archives of the comm and nothing very useful came up.

So the bottom line is should I make the plunge or not? How is the quality?

I really want some sort of assurance. That return policy isn't the best.
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seller alert: pureeva

Hello all! I hope you've had a pleasant morning/evening/afternoon!
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I would appreciate any advice concerning this situation. Furthermore, if anyone has any information regarding pureeva I would like to see it, simply because I would like to come in contact with her ASAP. If anything, I have learned to not be as trusting, and to utilize the paypal dispute function!

Thank you for reading, or at least glancing at my lengthy story! I also apologize for any grammatical/spelling errors that I have made. It is quite late, but I could not refrain from posting this any longer.

Posted with permission from idealia

ETA: Upon recieving harukoko's response, I have discovered that I am not the only one having problems with pureeva. If possible, I would like anyone who is currently commissioning/buying from pureeva to contact me by LJ PM immediately, so we can compile our information and hopefully contact her!
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Request: AatP Victorian Card OP measurments

I'm not the type of girl who asks for measurments, but this time please help me out. I really loved the sleeved version (II) JSK of Alice and the Pirates's "Victorian Card" print. The official homepage says: bust 95, waist 74 cm. But I had a very similar style of dress, with the back neckline and the shoulders being elastic, so I have a feeling this 95 bust can be go a bit higher.

If you own this dress or know someone who owns it, please let me know! Thank you, ladies!
sby, famiko

~New Lolita Vlog up everyone~

After a couple of months without an episode - I have decided to return with regular updates!

The photoshoot that I did earlier that day in the same outfit will be posted either today or tomorrow~ So
please look out for that too - we got some pretty photos!

You can watch the Vlog here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWtFd8PFyBU

Please feel free to comment and subscribe! If you haven't seen the other two episodes, they should be up on
my account still.

Thanks everyone!

Emilie xx
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I will be merchanting at Arisia SF con in Boston this weekend.  my user name here is my business name so i am easy to find.. will there be any Lolitas there?

i am new(ish) and would love to meet up in person, althouygh i wont be in what little Loli clothing i have....
i will have my BPAl with me, though.
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International lolita sticker exchange

I remember when I was younger, I loved trading stickers with my friends. We all had sticker books (Lisa Frank lol) and would trade stickers at lunch. I was feeling kinda nostalgic, and so for the past month I've had the idea in my head to create an international lolita sticker exchange. I think it could be a fun & relatively inexpensive way to meet other lolitas, and also, who doesn't love getting something special in the mail? I know I do!

So why don't I lay out the basics of my idea, and then you can see if you're interested. If you have any ideas to improve this or make it run more smoothly, please let me know!

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Current status of Crux_commissa situation?

I am among those who still have yet to receive a refund or any contact at all from crux_comissa/belle_bete for quite some time, and I'm sure there are still a significant number of people in the situation.

I checked the post that's highlighted on the main page, but it's not really updated. I think there are several people working on finding a resolution/way to get our money back or filing a fraud case against him.

Anyways I was just wondering what the current situation looks like as I haven't seen any new posts on the matter for awhile. Any help would be appreciated :)

Potential Petticoat

 So, I've found this fairly inexpensive petti and I was wondering if any of you ladies have ever used or heard of this brand. Do they perform well and is it poofy enough.  (I'm looking for a lvl 3-4 poof.) Yes, it's not exactly poof, but will it give the right shape and volume? Also, how are their dealings with customers? I intend on checking their profile/ reviews/ the usual things, but would best like to hear directly from anyone who's purchased clothing from them. 

 Thanks in advance!  : )

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i need your wisdom :D

hello ladies, i need your help today.
i need to know, the years and -if could- moth of publications of the Gothic &Lolita bibles.
since the 1rs one to the last one (duh we all know that XD)
but if you please help me! i would really apreciate it <3

Lucky packs

Just curious to know if by any chance Angelic Pretty or Btssb/AatP locations in Tokyo still have lucky packs available at their store location? Friend is coming to visit NYC so i was going to see if she was able to pick me one up ^^

Thanks for your help
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anyone have these bodyline shoes?

I was thinking of buying these bodyline shoes and I was wondering if anyone has any reviews of them or knows their true sizing. I already made the mistake of buying a pair of heart buckle shoes that were waaaay too big for me and I don't want that to happen again. >_<
I'm a size 9.5-10 so would a bodyline 26 be suitable? Thanks for the help! If someone has a pic of what they look like worn that would be great too!
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