January 12th, 2010

Lolita webzines

Do you know some good lolita-themed online fanzine? I already follow Sucrerie Magazine (here's their link  sucreriemag.com/ ), but I was wondering if there are other similar webzines on the net (I speak English, French and a very little bit of Japanese)...thanks for helping :)


I'm thinking about ordering from Fan+Friend, I like their clothes and their prices are fair.  But I heard some people say their shipping was horrible, their colors aren't true to the pictures, and that the clothes don't fit right.  Would it be a waste of time/money to get something from fan+friend, or are those just comments of brand-whore nay-sayers?  Has anyone else bought something from fan+friend? What was your experience?

BTSSB General sizing question/Will it be to big for me

 Sorry if this has been posted before but I did check the memories and the search. What would be a good american dress size comparison to a BTSSB dress? I've never bought from them but the waist on the small says 26.7 is this accurate? I have a 24 inch waist and do not want this to swallow me like dresses from Meta(will they do kinda fit but I must cinch them really tight) And is there a big difference between the smalls and the mediums, because the medium size has a lot more. Thank you to anyone who helps.
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Lolitas in St. Louis, MO or Springfield, MO?

Is there any lolitas on the community from the St. Louis or Springfield area of Missouri? I'm temporarily staying nearby and would love to meet up some fellow lolitas. I've checked all the other communities in the Missouri area but noticed there hasn't been any updates on them for months :(

EDIT: Thanks for all the reply ladies =) Glad I'm not alone here near St. Louis or Springfield. I'll be heading to St. Louis this weekend for the Loop Ice Carnival, and the darling craftyjester has made a post about it in the mo_egl community. I'll be keeping track of her post to see if anyone would like to join in on the fun ^-^


A few days ago I told my friend that I was thinking of making bloomers She was like OMG you dont have them??? Which leads me to my question: Are bloomers absolutely necessary? Is it completely wrong for a lolita to go around without them? Even in the summer??

Let me know what you think..

Thank you all much for the replies!! i really didn't expect 70 new messages lol.
I really likes the ideas about wearing "girly boxers" or exercise shorts (i do track so i have several pairs)
I decided to make them anyway for cute factor and the joy of the "bloomer dance" which sounds super fun lol
So thanks to all of you who helped solve my dilemma and gave wonderfull advice!
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EGA for men?

My boyfriend is one of those awesome ones that loves EGA, but we can't find much for him. I feel like I posted this before, so if I did can something point it out with a link and I'll delete this, or if you point me to a thread for it that'd be awesome, cause I looked!

He -does not- like kodona, but dandy may do. He really, REALLY likes EGA.

Where should I look to find things for him besides fan+friend and bodyline that fits these styles? He is not above wearing clothing made for girls (those cuts may fit him better..), but he still wants to look like a guy, if you know what I mean xD

His measurements are 36 Bust, 32 Waist, 42 Hips (like this usually matters), and he likes sleeves to be 25 inches long from shoulder to wrist.