January 11th, 2010

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Looking for detail pictures~

So I had the silly idea of trying to replicate a dress for an upcoming convention I'm going to and was hoping to find some detail pictures of the dress I want to make~ I'm hoping someone here can help me! I've been trying to find pictures using google and looking through the memories here, but I'm either horribly off on what this dress is called, or there just aren't that many pictures to be found. Or maybe I'm just terrible at searching for stuff x__x Whatever the case, please help!

The dress I'm looking for I believe is called Loving Princess and is made by Angelic Pretty. There is a small picture of the JSK in the 4th American GLB on pg. 28, although I'm looking more for pictures of the OP. It's the dress that this doll is wearing: http://pullipstyle.com/pullipstyle/product_info.php?cPath=21_28&products_id=266

Any help is greatly appreciated! Either in the way of pictures, or in telling me what I did wrong in my searches if it's really very easy to find what I'm seeking x__x
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Twinkle Mermaid

 Hello! Just a quick post, since I have to leave soon: 

Does anyone here have a good detail-shot of the mermaid in AP's Twinkle Mermaid? It doesn't matter if it's the skirt of the OP or JSK, I just would really like a good (and fairly big) Image of the mermaid.

I've tried for months X_X, and looked it up here, but there were no results of what I wanted.
It can be a stock photo, or if you own it (jealousyyyy~ XD), and have a good picture, could you please share it?

Thank you!

Advice request about fabric

Hello everyone! ^_^

I hope all of you are having a wonderful start to the new year of 2010.

This is a question for those of you out there who make handmade things, or know someone who does.

I'm planning on making a jsk for an event in March in a red/white motif.  However, I'm not very sewing-savvy yet on what types of fabrics work best for what outfits.

The fabric I need will be the base of the jsk and solid red.  I'd like this jsk to be durable but not 'oh my goodness I'm going to melt because this is so warm'.  I live in Texas and it gets fairly warm for most of the year.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions on what type of fabric I should get that would work best for this project?

Thank you <3
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Layering your lolita outfit!

I just randomly thought about this while I was playing dress-up, so it's kinda silly. 8D

How do you layer your clothing?

When you have a blouse, bloomers, a petticoat (and maybe an underskirt!)... which goes where? Do you tuck your blouse into your petticoat? Does the blouse get tucked into your bloomers? Or do you tuck nothing in?

I'm just curious to see what everyone's personal preferences are!

Photo Post: Sweet Lolita + Abandoned Places + Snow = Awesome Y/N

harlyharlekin is one of my favourite models, so I'm glad I got another chance to do a shoot with her. I'm a sucker for abandoned stuff so we went to a special location and took a short walk through the beautiful old town of Heidelberg. It was really cold, but fun, and I hope you enjoy the results, too ♥

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(I hope those aren't too large...)
Thanks for looking! There's much more of my work on deviantART, please visit if you're interested! :)

date/price this jsk? ♥

Okay,  just another one of these requests for the experts. What I believe is a JSK (the picture is small, I warn you) needs to be identified. It's from Angelic Pretty.

EDIT. Name Found, but can anyone tell me the year it was released or the price that it originally sold for?

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Bodyline Boot Sizing Help

I'm really itching to order their engineer boots, but wanted to know if they run large. Does anyone have a pair? I have a bit of a narrow foot, but like to wear thick socks, so I'm kind of waffling.

Also: Any preferences on short or long and why?

The term "lolita" vs word filters

Has anyone ever had any problems with the term "lolita" being picked up by a word filter at work or school?

I usually feel ok about the livejournal comms at work (in my lunch break) since most of them are titled EGL instead of lolita, but when I wanted to find a stock image today I didn't really feel sure about googling "lolita stock" to get to the flickr pool.
I'm not sure what kind of monitoring we have but seeing as half of the IT stuff you have to sign when starting is usually along the lines of "DO NOT LOOK AT PORN PLZ " I wouldn't be surprised if it was a trip word, and I know from trying to show my dad dresses over email his work even blocks all pages with "lolita" on it.

So has it ever been a problem for anyone, and if so what happened and how did you explain it?
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I'm casually looking for a stiff-brimmed bonnet (ie, not the floppy BTSSB kind). I am familiar with brands that make them, but I have seen far lovelier ones made by girls on EGL and indies brands. If you make bonnets, or have a link to a shop that does, or even spot a particularly nice one on a brand site. Post it here!

I'm not seriously looking to buy one immediately, so this post is more or less bonnet love! And perhaps can become a compiled go-to list of places to find bonnets.

Thanks ladies (and gents)!