January 10th, 2010



I was wondering if anyone on here were thinking about joining (or already have) this years lolita japan-trip by pop japan travel All Dolled up? It looked like last years trip was nice.

If not, are there any lolitas who are going to japan soon, and would like to be joined by other lolitas from worlwide as to make a kind of an independant lolita tour? (I'm in france personally, if anyone wanna join me, it's not fun alone!)

Let me know!
Ghostly Awe

Market Research

Hello, Hello.
I'm setting up a new online clothing business specialising in Lolita & Alternative Subcultures and require a little bit of assistance with market research, to make sure it is successful!

If any of you are happy to spare about 15 minutes ( max 30 minutes) to complete my survey it would be extremely beneficial to me and I would be forever grateful. As a special thankyou, to those whom complete my survey I am giving a special introductory discount on my services/products for commencement of business in April, more details in the intro of the survey. :)  Fake cut to my online survey - SURVEY CLICKY



Thanks to everyone who participated in my survey! 289 respondents total, fantastic responses! I've been sifting through all the data over the last few days, and have plenty more to go. Thanks everyone xx much appreciated.

KonKon sales japanese auction service question

I've been shopping with KonKon sales since last summer, and until now I was more or less satisfied with their service. But I did my last purchase early December, and since then the communication is really not working with their assistance. They only reply my emails when I ask for bidding on another item, otherwise they don't answer the questions about how many of my previously bought items arrived to them, and when they are going to ship it, or how much money remained from my previously overbidded auctions.
Their LJ page says that they are moving to a bigger place so they can expand the business, but still, I have less an less confidence in their trustworthiness.

Does anyone else using their auction service on buying lolita items? What is your personal experience with KonKon Sales?
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Finding EGL through Lolitas

So my friend and I were walking outside in full sweet yesterday and a lady stopped us. She was very nice and totally in love with what we were wearing so we explained to her what it was and how she could look it up. That got me wondering...

How many of you found this community or got into lolita because you stopped someone and asked them about what they were wearing?

Baby's Milk/Usagi/Bunny pochette

Approximately how much can you fit in this little guy? Since there's not much visible stuffing in the body am I right to assume it's more than the bunny-bear of about the same size? (This one?)
Finally, any ideas on how rare the black version is/ is it still sold anywhere?
Thanks in advance!

(I did try the search but I could only find info about the various bunny-bears.)

Edit: Did the cellphone pouch version come in black too?

Your "vintage" lolita brand items?

So, I was flipping through old issues of GLB (vol. 1, 3, 8) and looking back with teary eyes at the good old (okay, maybe not all of it...there were race monsters in early GLBs) days of gothic lolita back in the early 2000s. Plenty of brands have shifted styles, evolved, or simply disappeared since then. Many brands didn't ship overseas back then and shopping services were hard to find or charged high fees. It's changed a lot since, but a lot of the clothing in early GLBs was what got me into lolita in the first place. So I was just wondering:

What "vintage" or older lolita pieces do you own? Specifically, which early brand pieces (say, before 2005~2006?) do you own? I'm kind of curious to see how many items and which brands that were previously impossible or difficult to get are now in the possession of happy overseas owners.

Okay, so 2005 isn't necessarily old; lolita clothes have changed quite a bit since then though.

Bodyline Updated

Bodyline has updated their site, and there's some new stuff on there.. I was really dissappointed at their update because there's not really much good stuff. Just glasses, and a few accessories, but nothing too major really.
The only thing that interested me were
these shoes, and that's pretty much about it...

What are your thoughts??