January 9th, 2010

  • erozar

Some Sewing Help

Has any one made the Angelic Pretty Usagi-Chan Cell Phone Case from the Wedding Edition of the Gothic & Lolita Bible that Tokyopop puts out?

If so, would you be so kind as to help me figure out how the thing will go together and not come out looking like a stuffed animal. I am to the point it would be nice to have some form of visual aid in the construction so that I do not screw the thing up.
I am not sure how the head will connect to the body with out closing the thing up, thus leaving no room to store the Cell Phone.
The instructions on the pattern are throwing me off and I would really like to finish this instead of tossing it away and forgetting all about it because I could not get it together.

Thank You.

Oh, I am doing this thing by hand because the fur will not work with either sewing machine.
  • madidi

Mods: We Need Updates!

Dear Mods,

I have noticed several posts lately about new communities for lolitas in certain areas.  I made one post myself.  Could someone please update the post with the list of other EGL communities that is linked in the memories and in the navigation to the left of the layout?

Everyone Else Who is a Not-A-Mod:

If you have created (or know of) a community that is not in the list, please comment with a link or the community name to make things easier on whoever updates the list.

What other styles do you wear?

Hey everyone! I was curious to see, when you are not wearing lolita (if this ever happens ^_^), what other fashion styles do you partake in? Casual wear? Goth perhaps? Gyaru even? I personally base my style closely to that found in ViVi magazine, all girly and cute. This change occurred after I started wearing lolita, when I cared very little about what I wore. Does lolita influence your everyday style? Do you incorporate lolita aspects into your daily wear (for example, I keep my Usakumya mini attached to my regular purse at all times.)
Loli of Spades

A different sort of photo request...

I've checked the memories, used the search function, and googled quite a bit, but to no avail.

I was wondering if any of you ladies that were fortunate enough to get either Cherry Berry Bunny or Melty Chocolate would be kind enough to post any detail photos of the border print of either set? I'm working on sketches of both lines, but I'm finding it a bit hard to find any photos that show any kind of good border detail. While I can get the basic shapes, some of the smaller things are hard to make out.

Thanks a lot, for any help you can give.
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Refuse To Be Usual

RTBU store on eBay, has anyone made any purchases recently?

I haven't heard back from the seller, and I realise that christmas/new year's has been very busy but some sort of reply would be fantastic. Communication was fantastic beforeI paid, but there hasn't been a reply since before new year's. Was meant to be upgraded to EMS shipping with 10% discount - I got the discount refund, but no tracking number, and no replies to messages. Anyone else having problems?
Angelic Pretty jworld_graphics

Mary Magdalene.jp reserves

Dear EGl,

I was wondering, I saw a perfect dress coat on the site of mary magdalene for reserve. The only question left was, how long does it take for reserve clothing to get shipped? A month? 3 Months? Im just really curious:)

thank you very much!