January 5th, 2010

Innocent World

The Innocent World website has been updated (I think today)...


(There are some cute new items you might want to look at).

Almost everything is in Japanese (the english version is "coming soon"), and google translate refuses to translate it :S

So! I was wondering, have I missed the release of their winter lucky packs? Will there be any coming?

Of all the lucky packs IW seem to do the best ones, so I would love any info you could give ^_^


Worn photos? (not stock photos)

I fell in love with one of Baby's blouses, this one:

[Removable sleaves babydoll blouse , link to their webshop]

I just wonder how it looks like worn, because their stockphotos are rather smallish :/ and the dummy, of course, doesn't look like a real human being. So please, if you have photos of the blouse worn, show it to me.

I'd totally appreciate your help ^-^
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juliette-et-justine 403 errors?

Is anyone else getting 403 errors from the Juliette et Justine webpage when they use any of the forms? I have a lucky pack in my cart, but I can't check out.

-edit- Ah, I lost it from my cart. The larger size is sold out, so I guess other people did manage to buy them. I tried it on 2 computers and 4 browsers, it wasn't meant to be.

Atelier Boz Lucky Packs - translation help?

WAIT! Is this in-store only? I don't see where it might say so... Gee, that would explain why no one ever talks about ordering Boz LP's, wouldn't it? -_-;;;;

Atelier Boz Nagoya has posted information regarding LP sales on their blog. It appears to have been posted Dec. 30 Japan-time, so I hope I'm not too late!!

My Japanese is extremely rusty (yikes), so I was wondering if someone could help me translate the information more accurately. See below...


Collapse )

With that all said and done, I assume that I can order them through Celga or another shopping service. Woo! So excited! I've never ordered via shopping service before, so I'm a little nervous too.

Most exciting part = LUCKY PACKS FOR MEN. HOLY SHIIIIRRING. I'm not a guy, but I love Ouji / men's fashion. It needs moar love.
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Quick Baby LP question

Sorry if this has already been asked, I'm at work and we're busy so I don't have time to search. XD

I got an email from Baby after the confirmation email saying:

"Dear Elizabeth

Thank you for your order.

We’re sorry but we cannot accept your order without your full name.

Please let us know it.

Thank you!"

A glitch must have happened that ended up with my last name not going all the way through. My question is: is it good enough to reply to that email with my full name, or would I need to reorder? :-(

Cream/Ivory/Antique white/milk tea shoes

Can anyone help me find a nice pair of cream coloured shoes? I do not know what shoes to wear with a cream coloured outfit. I don't mind if they are are brand or not but I just can't seem to find anywhere that does good quality cream lolita shoes. So far the only place I could find was clobbao and i'm a little wary...

I used the search tool but couldn't find anything recent of relevance. Help a girl out, and thank you in advance! X
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