January 4th, 2010


Shopping Guide

I've checked the memories and the FAQs, but I was wondering if there is an updated Tokyo Shopping Guide anywhere. I saw the one in the FAQs but it is dated around 2004 and I was wondering if there is one that is more up to date (or, if this one is still up to date, please let me know as well).
I'm mostly interested in the areas of Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya, but any other areas that might of interest is great too.
Thanks for any help!

Shipping to china?

Since I can't get to the post office at 3:30 AM, I was wondering if anyone could give me the approximate shipping cost from the U.S. to China? Or a link to something that will give me this cost? Sorry if this is too non-lolita - if so, mods delete this please, and sorry for the trouble! I am shipping a jsk.

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www.babyssb.co.jp/info/20100104_en.html OMG !!! They're avaialble now! there are 4 packs available and you cannot pick a size:

-Baby total coordinated set 
-Baby knit and Jumper Set
-Baby knit and Pannier Set
-Baby Muffler & Glove Set

Don't worry I left some for the rest :P I just got one Baby Knit & Jumper set since Im really broke. What did you get?

HOW TO ORDER BABY LP community.livejournal.com/egl/12174992.html


Okay, so my brother is looking for some Dandy styled suits/outfits/pieces
for his year 12 formal. It would be great if it was reasonably priced!

P.S: already looked in F+F
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New Community for Savannah Lolitas

I'd like to introduce the new community, savalita, and invite any lolitas in or around Savannah, Georgia to join!

I know of the Atlanta comm, however since that's about 4 hours away, it's a bit inconvenient to travel that far for meet-ups and such, and as I know of a few lolitas that are in Savannah, I decided to finally go ahead and create our own comm.

Posted with permission fromseeinglife 


Hi girls

I hope everybody had a great time bringing in the new year. I just made a couple of new tutorials to share.

1. Red Rose French Barrette Tutorial

Red Rose French Barrette Tutorial

and for the sweet lolitas, here are 2 tutorials that will help you make sweet jewelry

1. Colored Caulk with lipstick

1. Colored Caulk with oil paint

and for fun check out my new rings

My kawaii rings

oh and I am working on the tricorn tutorial, just waiting for supplies, Im gonna remake one from the marie antoinette movie. Im so excited to work on it.

Layout Change and Contest Update

Apologies for the slightly late change~

This months artwork is by sugarsugar_dina and you can see more of her work as well as the full image on her Deviantart! Also, a big thank you to all who submitted, all the entries were great. ^^ keep it up. Please check the header for information on the current themes, which are Makeup and Unusual colours!

If you think any of the colours need altering in the layout, please let me know. It looks fine on my screen but i was finding the blues hard to work with D :

And if you're interested in submitting art for next month, please check the details below~

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Portrait of Things To Come


Hey, I just ordered from Baby and when it was complete I got this message:

(my email address)@yahoo.com は登録済みです。

I put it through babel fish and it says "@yahoo.com is the register being completed. As for the person who forgets the password please click this."

I'm not sure what it's trying to tell me, and on the how to order from Baby post it doesn't cover this one. Did my order go through...? What does it mean? =/ Thanks.