January 2nd, 2010

Rilakkuma Face
  • kokoro

Shopping at Chocomint through Rakuten English?

Has anyone here ever ordered from Chocomint through Rakuten English? There are about 5,000 things I want to buy from them, but I find Rakuten English somewhat confusing and annoying. It's really hard to calculate what your shipping cost is going to be until you actually place your order. :\ I talked to one person who ordered three things from Chocomint, and her shipping was already $15, so I'm worried I'll end up with $80 shipping. XD

I've never used Rakuten English yet. There are a lot of shops I'd like to buy from in addition to Chocomint, but I'm a bit wary at the moment.
  • lucynyu

London TPC January meet up!

There shall be a wonderful Tea Party Club meet up in January to the London Zoo for the UK lolitas! 

The theme is OTT pink, however I know not everyone can accomodate for this so there is also a second theme of animal.

Saturday January the 30th.

Please click on the link below for more information and to comfirm your attendance.
Thank you!