January 1st, 2010

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Qutieland Little Deer Info

Hi there! Looking for information about Qutieland. I've searched the community and after looking at a bunch of different reviews, the ordering/communication seems top notch, while the item quality seems to depend on what series it is. (Am I correct in believing they get different items from different distrubutors?)

However, I have heard nothing about the DollscroPs Little Deer Series. http://qcute.livejournal.com/57727.html
Has anyone purchased these, know someone who's purchased them, or have some idea what to expect in fit and quality?
Any advice/warnings for a first-time buyer?
Also, it says the pink skirt is available only in suede material. The sellers described it as feeling sort of like fake leather, but the detail shot made it look very soft. However, it still seems like kind of a wierd material to make a skirt out of. (I'm especially concered about this, as pink is the color I want most.)

Gothic decora?

I'm on a bit of a decora kick lately, and I'm wondering if anyone has any images of Gothic Lolita-oriented decora'd items.

I'm working on deco-ing my new phone and need some more inspiration to finish it, and I want to start on my headphones next.

Thanks for any help you can give me!
Quay Brothers - Blue

Anime Los Angeles: Fashion show 2010

Anime Los Angeles: Fashion show 2010
It's that time again!

The fashion show at Anime Los Angeles is still accepting applications. Last year was such a success that we've been moved from programming to events. What does this mean? First it means a bigger room, more people will be able to see your designs and they'll be on stage for longer. Secondly it means we're on Friday. Being on Friday means that if you're in the dealers room or artists alley selling goods people can come after the show and buy your wares. Which is one of the main points of a fashion show.

Last year we got a lot of EGL entrants. They were all wonderful designs and well made, but it's good to keep in mind that this is  not just an EGL fashion show. Other Japanese or Japanese inspired styles are not only welcome but encouraged. If you have a garment that you're not sure if qualifies but would like to enter anyway, do it! Not a single entry had to be turned away or even commented on last year. So what does qualify? Anything Japanese fashion inspired that you or a friend made that hasn't been in the show before.

The convention is coming up fast. Only a week away. So get your entries in now.

Professional quality is not a requirement either. The point of the show is to have fun and show off while doing it. Even if you don't think your sewing skills are up to par as long as you can wear it it's good. Often times the clothing in high end fashion shows where you have one of a kind pieces for publicity the garment isn't the best made piece in the world. That doesn't stop it from being striking and worth the time and effort. The experience of being in a show is also a good one.

There will be a time scheduled after the show for photographs and the show itself is a good experience. All participants will be taught how to walk a runway so there's no need to worry about that either. :)

All entries should be sent  to:

The form:

Name (as it appears on your badge):

Contact email (that we can reach you at):

Model(s) name(s):
(if you're modeling your own garment just put your name here again)

How would you describe your garment?

Quick sketch:
(This is not strictly necessary, a picture of the finished garment or a good description of it is fine. The point is to show us what to expect in the show and to see if it meets the requirements of the show.)

How long have you been sewing?

Tell us a little bit about yourself and anything you'd like mentioned about the garment(s)?

New Years resolutions, lolita-style?

So depending on where you are, it's either New Years Eve or the first day of 2010 (in which case I hope you had as good a night out as I did). Discussion with friends about New Years resolutions led me to think, what kind of resolutions could I set regarding lolita?

I think for me, it'd be:
1) Wear my lolita clothing more (either in full-on coordinates, or simply with cardigans and heels to work).
2) Cull out clothing I don't wear and have held onto so that I can replace it with more wearable pieces.
3) Use up my fabric stash! This is really the big one, I have enough fabric to nearly double my wardrobe and just need to set time to sew.

How about you?

Another BTSSB lucky pack question...

Sorry EGL for another "what's in this LP?" question, but I'm really curious about Baby's 29 400 yen lucky packs (reference here). My friend and I want to buy one and share the costs, but it would be nice to see an example how many and what kind of stuff is inside. I've read that there are coats/jackets, leather bags or maybe print dresses/skirts, but it would be nice to see a photo reference.

Does anyone have personal experience about Baby's "expensive" lucky packs, maybe from previous years?
Thank you for your help?


I just bought a long blue wig, and I would just like to ask people if you wear them a lot, any tips? stuff like that anything I would need to know. and the wig is heat resistant and dye able it is really long I got it off of cosplaydna through ebay. I've never worn a wig and am a bit nervous when I wear it to school. I usually dye my hair blue but I'm going to let it grow out and stop dying it so I bought the wig and some extensions and stuff because secretly(I need my hair blue it's me!) so anything help full or things I need to watch out for please tell me. thanks :)


A slightly odd question to ask at this time of the year, but does anyone know where to get some lolita-looking fans? This summer was really hot, and I wasn't even wearing lolita during most of the time O.O So does anyone know how to get some lolita-looking fans, or ways to make fans lolita? Thanks!
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Moitie Lipstick colour??

I was just wondering, if anyone has bought the red lipstick (as this is the only colour they do now, boo T__T)
what kind of red is it? or even better, does anyone have a photo of themselves wearing it or a swipe of it
on white paper??

Thank you~~

EDIT: I am guessing that the Moitie lippy isn't that great quality, especially for the price.

For others that want to know in the future: it's a bright/scarlett red
But from the summary, it seems to lose pigment and/or be waxy?

P.S - So buying the blue one though if they ever bring it back XDD

Question about Baby store in SF?

Just a quick question about payment methods at the Baby store in SF! I tried emailing and calling them and they haven't replied yet and I'd like to know this before Sunday in case I need to exchange money at the bank before it's closed. >_<

Does anyone know if the Baby store accepts $100 bills as payment, or are they like most places and don't accept anything larger than $20s? My Christmas money is mostly in $100s so just wanted to make sure before I showed up there for a shopping spree and then ended up not being able to pay.

Thank you very much for your help!

EDIT: Thank you for the reassurances everyone. =) They did indeed take $100s. I bought myself a Castle of Nightmare vest in ivory. ^_^ My first brand piece bought in-store!

Thanks again. =)