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Favorite and Least Favorite Prints of 2016

Another year has come and gone for Lolita land and brands birthed out more prints as usual. So which ones would you kill to own and which ones would you wish to burn? Any themes you want to see and/or go away next year?

My personal picks


Angelic Pretty's Antique Chocolaterie

At first, this print wasn't making me go crazy but it is definitely nice to see a chocolate print that isn't diabeetus-inducing. Especially since this is Angelic Pretty we're talking about.

Angelic Pretty's Antoinette Decoration

Seeing this in person (including four different co-ords with it at the Secret Rose Temptation Tea Party in August) made me like it even more!

Angelic Pretty's Aquarium Carnival

I love dolphins so much so I loved that they got some love in Lolita. The cuts of the dresses however weren't quite anything to write home about (though the peplum JSK is my favorite).

Soufflesong's Butterfly Cemetary

Angelic Pretty's Cecilia Cross

The blue colorway here is absolutely beautiful.

Baby's Chere Princesse, Vivez un Brillant Avenir Set

From Baby's ornate $1000+ line of dresses! The offwhite color here, now THAT looks like a fairytale wedding dress!

Meta's Dim Light 2016

I'm so glad this print was re-released since this is one of the first prints I fell in love with when I started researching the fashion. Now I have a somewhat better chance of getting my hands on it!

Haenuli x Faco Dream's Dream Dreamy Penguin

It's so cute!

Baby's Dreaming of Little Lover

I couldn't help but smile when I first saw this print. It's themes like these that made me get into the fashion.

Jane Marple's Dreamy Dream

(I think we need to start a drinking game for this post: take a shot every time the word "dream" and any forms of it shows up in a print name)

Angelic Pretty's Eternal Carnival

Alice and the Pirates' Faint Love in the Watercolor Sky and the Melody of Rain

Meta Crown Label's Happy Balloon

Angelic Pretty's Harlequinade

Atelier Pierrot's Holy Night Fantasia

Angelic Pretty's Holy Theater

Haenuli's Just One Bite

I love the fact that we have a sinister fairytale themed print this year!

Krad Lanrete's Le Retentissement de Versailles

Dat opulence!

Meta's Lovely Forest

Angelic Pretty's Magic Princess

It looks so much like a magical girl theme! Plus it came out on my birthday (January 30).

Meta's Majestic Princess

Angelic Pretty's Milky Swan

Moonlight Forest's Fantasy Castle

I first saw this print in my tumblr feed and it was love at first sight...

Baby's Moonlit Forest Aurora Soiree

So beautiful...

Angelic Pretty's Princess Cat

Emily Temple Cute's Rose Bouquet

Angelic Pretty's Rose Museum

Fanplusfriend's Shadow Grove

Fanplusfriend's Tartarus Wall

I like that they decided to try a Greek mythology theme!

Alice and the Pirates' The Grace ~Hymn of the Departure~

Haenuli's The Promise of Eternal

The red and navy colorways are absolutely beautiful... Though I heard from one Lolita who said that the taffeta they used for the dress was a bit cheap feeling under the lacy overlay. Anyone who owns this garment, what do you think?

Soufflesong's The Richly Painted Zither

Alice and the Pirates' The Ticking Clock ~Gears of Stardust and the Unfound Land~

The blues are absolutely gorgeous!

Figlia x Hanako's Twinkle Star Dazzling Kitten

Heather & Iris' Wow ~Dug Up a Clam~

Angelic Pretty's Wrapping Cherry

Least Favorites

Alice and the Pirates' A Snowy Christmas Eve Mysterious Gift

The red curtain detail on the print just seems way too bold for me.

Angelic Pretty's Astro Regimen

Baby's Be My Valentine ~Juno's Blessing and the Aria of Birds~

Angelic Pretty's Cirque du L'Etoile


Innocent World's Classical Violin

Nothing like photoshopping elements onto a blank background!

Angelic Pretty's Cosmetic Bunny

Alice and the Pirates' Dear Sir~ Mystery in the Baker Street~

Baby's Enchanted ~Under the Candy Magic Spell~

The details on the houses are so washed out to me. And that orange color is just too much for me!

Angelic Pretty's Heavenly Cross

Nothing really special to me. I really like the headbow from the series though.

Alice and the Pirates' La Priere ~The Glimpse of a Dream Through the Glass Window~


Alice and the Pirates' Little Dreaming Sailor ~Small Adventure in the Garrett~

Baby's Little Red Riding Hood ~Fairytales of the Marchen Forest~

Angelic Pretty's Magic Amulet

I was able to create a pretty cool witch themed co-ord with the teal OP, but at the end of the day it's just a mishmash of occult elements photoshopped together. And I really don't like either JSK cut.

Angelic Pretty's Melty Sky

Kinda looks like a bunch of pastel 80s toys were left in the sun too long (especially with the white colorway)

Alice and the Pirates' Ophelia's Bouquet ~A Night Buried in Flowers~

I actually like the idea of an Ophelia-themed print, but this just seemed "meh". I also found both cuts of the JSKs to be really generic.

Innocent World's Playing Cards


Alice and the Pirates' Priere d'Espoir ~Light of Oath and the Fate of Love~

It's interesting to see a Les Mis print though, so points for doing something different!

Angelic Pretty's Romantic Little Garden

Baby's Rose Drop Sky Muse

Washed out prints strike again!

Angelic Pretty's Rosette Collection

What an eyesore for me...

Alice and the Pirates' Starlit Sky Tent and the Secret Circus Troupe

Meta's Tailors Bear

Alice and the Pirates' The Wizarding Platform ~Steam Engine and the Illusion of the Foggy Town~

The colors are just so ugly to me...

Angelic Pretty's Twinkle Sky

It's just so boring!

And new this year, WTF

Angelic Pretty's Astro Regimen Jacket

I know you need your outerwear to be a bit bigger so that it can fit over your clothes, but it looks like a PJ top!

Angelic Pretty's Lady Milk Set

The lace seems straight off a crappy Milanoo "dress" and the huge bows seem comical. Also, "Lady Milk"? That's just asking for some really inappropriate jokes.

Baby's Little Red Riding Hood ~Fairytales of the Marchen Forest~ OP

Much like Baby's "Voyage dans la Belle Temps" OP, this also looks like it fell into a sewing basket and the designers just decided to go with it.

Alice and the Pirates' Ophelia's Bouquet ~A Night Buried in Flowers~ OP

It's so poofy!

Alice and the Pirates' The Ticking Clock ~Gears of Stardust and the Unfound Land~ in black

...really AatP? Were you hoping to evoke the look of the smoggy skies of London, England? You could've gone with a black x gray scheme or maybe a black x wine scheme to court the Gothic Lolis. But nope, let's do black and toxic waste green! This is one of the ugliest colors I've ever encountered in Lolita.

I hope your holiday season goes well!
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