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Looking for Alice, 18th of February, Finland

Looking for Alice
by Hellocon ry
18th of February 2017
Kulttuuriareena Gloria
Helsinki, Finland

Hellocon ry (Finnish lolita fashion organisation) is very excited to welcome you to our next event: Looking for Alice!

Our guests of honor are Triple Fortune designers Babi and Kaie!

The event is organised on 18th of February at the Kulttuuriareena Gloria, a venue familiar from many Helsinki Lolita Conventions.

The concept of ’Looking for Alice’ is very different from our previous events. Looking for Alice is an one day event divided in two sections: ’In the Wonderland which is the day section of the event and ’Through the Looking glass’ which is the evening section. Both sections will have a lots of programs, vendors, and other interesting things to experience for lolita fashion enthusiasts! The loose party atmosphere of the evening section makes it also perfect for bringing in your spouses and friends who are interested in the fashion and want to have good time! Come and travel with us through the wonderland and beyond.

~Ticket sales is now open!~

Ticket prices:

The White Rabbit -general entry, full day 55€
The Queen of Hearts -vip ticket, full day 70€
Through the Looking Glass -evening section ticket 15€

Order your ticket by email tickets.lookingforalice@gmail.com


~Guests of Honor!~

Looking for Alice is honored to welcome Triple Fortune designers Babi and Kaie to Finland! ♥ Along their Triple Fortune lolita fashion brand, the duo is also famous for their visual kei project Brilliant Kingdom!

Triple Fortune is best known for their headwear, especially their sought after bonnets and the amazing print garments. They will have a selling stall at Looking for Alice event and of course there will be a fantastic Triple Fortune fashion show as well!

Babi and Kaie will lead you to their Brilliant Kingdom at the Through the Looking Glass evening section. Their music is very visual and fantasylike, topped of with a capturing performance of these amazing artists!

You can send your questions to Babi and Kaie on our facebook page and they will be answered during our Q&A panel!

~Program example~~

Day in Wonderland: Teaparty!

Part of the day program is going to be a tea party. The tea party includes in the price of the ticket and you are all invited to enjoy tea and treats!

In our tea party we will explore various different teas, how to brew them, and about the culture and traditions of tea. Tea parties are important tradition of lolita fashion and Looking for Alice couldn't dream of not serving it's visitors tea!

Teashop Chaya will offer us delicious tea and our trusted grand tea mistress will keep you entertained through the teajourney. You can get acquainted with Chaya's quality selections in www.chaya.fi and visit the shop in Helsinki, Kluuvi shopping centre, Yliopistonkatu 6.


~Vendor search~
Do you own or make products, which you would like to sell to your wonderful fellow lolitas? Now you have an amazing opportunity to present your products and yourself! Apply as a vendor to the Looking for Alice –convention! The price of a sales table is 65 euros and it includes one ticket to the event and a rack.

~Model call~

The call for models will start soon! Follow our facebook for more information and put in your applications for a chance to model for Triple Fortune and various indie brands!

~More information about the event~


Hellocon ry website
Need inspiration?

Please follow us for updates!

Thank you and welcome!
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