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Need help identifying this BABY skirt...

So I acquired this skirt from a comm member a while back. She said it was around 76cm and I was hypomanic and believed that I could lose the weight to fit it if I just adhered to my balanced diet and exercise routine I've been trying to keep up with. (I'm 85cm now and like 20lbs overweight) but it's actually more close to 66~cm

So here is the skirt.

As you can see it has/is

•Black with white lace
•side zipper with button closure
•Detachable waist ties with white lace on the ends.

Does anyone know which skirt this is? Year? Actual sizing?

If you do I'd be much appreciative.
Tags: *baby the stars shine bright, discussion: identify clothing, finds: real life, garment: skirts, request: information, request: measurements

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