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I never get why anyone would buy such a thing(there are bunch of indie brands which does awesome custom prints, even in custom sizes, clothing patterns are however not protected by law, imagine someone got patent on the idea of a pocket!).
Ok, I saw a thread, in another community called X, there Y looking on a very specific brand item replica, but have no luck finding it and asking for a place to buy it.
But however what would you do in situation? A) Give the information to Y, B) or telling you don't want to share any knowlegde of such sites because it is not legal to share information.
C) something third.

I think the community are not important in this case, secondly I would protect the persons username to secure anonymity of the person.
Thirdly I have few anonymous haters(maybe only one with mutible accounts) in that community, who seems likes to dislike everything I write, after I gave short lesson about constructive critism(why like and dislike buttons sucks, killing off constructive debate). But too cowardly to tell it up straight, so I have no idea who they are.
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