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Wearing Lolita in Japan

I'm going to be staying in Tokyo for a couple of months later this year, and, well... I know there are a lot of etiquette rules and such there, and I don't want to make a faux pas wearing lolita at the wrong times.

(I have some experience with lolita fashion, though I haven't been active in the communities for a while, but I know how to make a good coord and things like that, I'm not going to walk around in Bodyline or anything like that. I wear mostly classic styles, and my favorite brands are Innocent World and Excentrique.)

So what advice do you have? Where would it be particularly appropriate or inappropriate to wear lolita? Where should I make sure to keep it toned-down, or unleash the almost-OTT gold princess-y things? I plan on going to:
- Lolita brand stores/shopping (Shinjuku particularly)
- An anime-based stage play (Kuroshitsuji Circus musical)
- the Code Geass 10th anniversary event

- Museums, gardens, etc. Fall leaf viewing.
- Maybe Disneyland, or Universal. (I saw people wearing a lot of cosplay sorts of things last time I went to Universal, and not just the Harry Potter and Attack on Titan stuff they sold there, but I don't know about lolita...)

So... any advice on what to do about wearing lolita in Japan would be particularly helpful. And is there anywhere I didn't mention that would be particularly good to go to in lolita?
(I'm going by myself, which I did before, but I'd love to meet new friends there. My Japanese isn't that great... like N3, not quite N2. I need to study more...)
Sorry if there's already a post like this, I looked through things and I couldn't find one.

Edit: So the other things have mostly been answered (though anything else to say on those would be appreciated still), but I'm particularly interested in anyone who has experience attending anime events like those that I mentioned - both in lolita and in general (if that's not too off-topic)... plus general Tokyo tips, too, I guess.
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