December 31st, 2009

Lolitas in Halifax / Nova Scotia ?

Hello there,

since I am planning on going to Halifax next summer (read: move there / do a working holiday and hopefully stay there afterwards) I am looking for lolitas there. I searched for special communities but didnt find any. So here is my question: are there any lolitas in Halifax or or in that area ?

BTSSB/secret shop sizing

Hi everyone, happy new years eve!!! 

Quickie question...... I wear a 8.5 ish in US sizes, sometimes an 8, sometimes a 9. 
So I assume I fit in a LL size. My foot appears to measure around 25.3 cm. Anyways, I got the LL size in tea parties, which very tight so I had to sell them.

Then I bought an LL in BTSSB, and they are way too big!

I'm confused, are the brands all this much different from eachother in sizing? I assumed 25 cm meant 25 cm, but with Baby , the 25 cm fit more like a 26.

How about meta and AP?

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So I was lead to believe that Meta pushed back the date of shipping to Jan. 5th. But apparently mine was shipped on the 28th. Of course, they sent me no shipping confirmation email, just to make me sweat. ;-p

Anywho, how about a peak at what I got?
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Can I just say something?

So I've been noticing a lot of newer lolitas getting the idea into their head that they will never ever afford brand because they are under the impression that inflation for AP's prints are how all lolita is priced. Hopefully this isn't OT or offensive or something.

Dear newbies to lolita;

Not all brand is going to be off-the-charts expensive or unattainable.

Yes, it is going to be more expensive than if you waltz into Walmart and buy a circle skirt. Why? Lolita is a small market, the brands need to charge more because they need enough income to stay afloat. Also, if you've noticed, a lot of brand pieces are very complicated as well as made with high-quality materials, which also ups the cost of production. And finally, they are able to charge a slightly high amount for their pieces because they are original designs.

That being said, it is easy to find brand at fair prices. I know a lot of us do not want to throw down $300 for a fairly plain dress, I don't.

Look for deals!
On eBay, egl_comm_sales, Y!JP, Mbok, Closet Child etc., even from the brands themselves. Just because a dress originally sold for $300 from the store does not mean it will still go for that much. A lot of JSKs sell for $80~$120 on these websites. Yes, that can still be a daunting amount of money for someone who is not used to spending a lot on clothing or has a very small disposable income, but welcome to lolita. This is not a fashion or hobby for those only willing to throw down $10.

Do not start in lolita if you are not going to commit to it. Having an idea in your head that you'll complete an entire wardrobe out of Target for $100 isn't realistic. Lolita is an expensive fashion. Even if you're good at thrifting, editing, finding good deals, it's going to be more expensive than just wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

So please, when talking about lolita, don't usher brand into the land of "I'LL NEVER EVER EVER EVER AFFORD IT BECUZ IT'S LIKE $300000 FOR SOOOCCKKKKSSS!!!!!", look around a little and I'm sure you'll find something within your price range from one of the ~magical burandos~, haha.

Thanks to anyone who read this. Opinions?

Edited to include little more sunshine and daisies.

Edit 2: I just figured I'd put a little line here to clarify because some people are misunderstanding my point.

I'm not saying you need brand to be a ~true lolita~ or something. I'm not saying offbrand is inferior. I'm not saying that if you don't throw down $500 for one of AP's prints you're not committed to the fashion.

What I am saying is that, contrary to what a lot of newer lolitas think, not all brand is overly expensive and unattainable. I have seen a lot of lolitas saying things along the lines of "but I'll never afford brand because it's like $300 a dress". This stigma is unfair and untrue.

Brand does not make you a ~better lolita~ or anything like that. Brand is what it is. A label.
God calm down XDDD


Awww yeah, it only took forever but Suppurate System is finally re-launching its Overseas International Website on January 1, 2010! Strange date to relaunch the site, but what can ya do.

Suppurate System International site!

Please note the POWERFUL Engrish, so I suggest any query e-mails being sent to them had better be in very easy, simple English.

Currently the only item you're able to put into your cart is the NEW Suppurate 2010 fukubukuro/lucky pack that goes for 10,000 Yen (value of 20,000 yen). They ship out the packs beginning Jan 8, and are limited to 300 orders only. They politely ask you don't resell the packs, but considering they limit people to 10 packs a person (durp?) I dunno how they can really ... do anything about it. XD Shipping for all items, not just LPs, appear to be a flat rate 2000yen so strategise for that in the future when regular items arrive.

Note, I'm not sure if these packs will have their coveted crowns at all - they're pretty clear most of it will be dead stock and special LP-exclusive items, but I can't vouch for quality. I know some people have had some grumbles about Suppurate's material quality for their non-metalwork items, so buy with some knowledge that the likelihood of getting some seriously badass items (the ones that go upwards of 15000 yen by themselves - for reference, here's the fully stocked Japanese website) may be moderate to low. I'm thinking they'll be great if you just want things like novelty/super-gawthy hairpieces and jewelery, though.

There are also item previews for the Blam Honey and GPKism collaborations (think Ruin Virtu line), and I expect they'll be adding more to the website after Japan finishes up its New Years events. I'm damn excited! My goth heart beats in joy D:

On an OT note, great to see more Japanese shops taking advantage of the retailer domains (Closet Child also recently switched over) - their signup system translates well into English, and are simple to use.