December 30th, 2009

Kansas Lolis?

Hi there!
Are there any Kansas lolis? I tried looking at the memories but the latest post was a year ago or two. I want to make some friends since I don't really know anyone here that are interested in lolitas. I'm from the Wichita area and even though its like the biggest city here I don't really know anyone. Thanks!
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Quick Seller Question

Has anyone had recent positive/negative experiences purchasing from lj user clabbao? I can't find any reviews or feedback on his lj shop, but I found an older post that talked about him being banned from the sales comm a while back. I checked the current list of banned users, and he's not on it, though. I ask because I want to purchase a couple of pairs of shoes from him, and I'm wondering if it's safe!!

PS- Btw, if you ordered shoes from him, how was the quality?

PPS- In case anyone was wondering, I have decided to go ahead and order from clabbao and see what happens. If anyone is interested, I will post a review of the service and products when the shoes come in the mail. ^^
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Who was the best for 2009?

 Out of all the Brands this year, which was the best for 2009? In terms of prints, series, webshops, promotions, events, customer service, lucky packs, sales ect

Also for 2010. what would you like to see from these brands?

New Years is coming!!!

  Any resolutions or goals for this new year relating with Lolita?
At least I want to:
1.Own a jsk from AP and another from BTSSB. [I only own dresses from META and Bodyline] 
2. Be able to wear lolita everyday for college. [toned down to very sweet]
3. That the first PR lolita fashion show becomes a success. 
4. Make a nice photoshoot in lolita :D. 
5. Last, but not least. Be able to find more lolitas in my area, or encourage new ones.