December 29th, 2009

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Kodona in Camden?

I'm heading into England the day after tomorrow and we're going to have a day trip to London some time during the trip. I've read before on the comm that Camden is not a very good place to find lolita, but what about kodona? Should I be crossing my fingers for any good finds in Camden, and if so can anyone recommend places to go?
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December Theme

I have a pretty limited wardrobe of Lolita items so I have to find new ways to wear the same piece to keep my wardrobe feeling fresh.  These are just some pictures I happened to find of me wearing the same Innocent World dress three different ways over the past couple years.

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       I just have a question,How many Vol. have the Gothic Lolita Bibles in the English version?

                                                                                                Thank You! 

Dream Shoppe?

Is there something wrong with Dream Shoppe? I ordered on the 16th, got an "Order processing" notice on the 22nd. I wrote to them, but they are not responding. This has happened several times. There is no notice on their site about any vacation or delay due to the holidays.
I've ordered once before and didn't have problems. What's going on now with them?