December 28th, 2009

How can i fix a torn parasol???

Ok so my mother ordered me a parasol for christmas this year and when I got home I opened it up to admire it and noticed a small hole which I fixed by sewing it, I am really mad cause its brand new (she ordered it from Rakuen Fashion). Now i am kinda nervous about opening it up cause I am not the best at sewing and I've never sewn a parasol, does just sewing it normally do the trick? also I want to extend my collection of parasols so if anyone has any good sites please let me know ok?

The Old School/ New School line

So while I was lurking Daily Lolita I came across someone referring to someones style as "kind of old school loli" It got me wondering what is the line between old school and new school. What determines it? It's it time, trends or styles?

Just wondering so I can further my education and love of gothic lolita!
  • miscy

fabric research

Hey girls. I'm trying to work on stocking my fabrics for commissions and i was wondering what your favorite prints. I know many of us like border prints but i was thinking more of themes:

- Animals (cats, puppies, ponies)
- Story Books (Alice, Beatrix Potter, cinderella etc.)
- Fruits (cherries, strawberries, etc)
- Sweets (candy, cakes, icecream, etc)
- Plaids
- Stripes
- Gothic (skulls, crosses, etc)
- Polk dots
- Florals
- Others?

please let me know so i can stock my drawer!
Fallen Grace / Beato

Gothic Lolita magazines

Good evening everyone,

I have a question to ask of you all. I was going through my Gothic Lolita magaines and I noticed that my Gothic Lolita and Punk Brand Book magazine collection stops at Winter 2008. I was wondering if Tatsumi Publishing Co. canceled it's production of this series because I can't find any magazines from this year; 2009.

The winter 2008 one looks like this:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • ammorin

Novelty Items

Hi everyone! I'd like to make an album of novelty items (gifts that are given when you purchase a certain amount) from 2009 and from any brand. I just love them. :) Do any of you have pictures? I'd like some stock photos but your own is fine. Older novelty items are awesome too!

Thank you!