December 26th, 2009

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Moi meme moitie sizing question + experiances?

Dear EGL!

Nice to talk to you, and first of all, happy holidays!
Though its boxing day I didnt get any present and I thought, why not get myself one?
Im falling in love with this dress from moi meme moitie:
It says 84 cm for bust, thats more than fine, but can it fit an 68cm waist? It doesnt include waist size with it:(

I would like to get it from this site
I searched the memories but nothing came up usefull, any problems with them? good reviews???

thank you girls!

Christmas and Holiday Funtime 2009!

How epic would it be to have a post with like hundreds and hundreds of Christmas and winter holiday coordinates all in one post?


Let's do it!

I know we have daily_lolita for this sort of thing, but I think once in a while a big post where everyone posts their outfits in the comments would be kinda awesome. We need more awesomeness on egl! So here goes. Post your Holiday Lolita in the comments! :D:D

(Post your snapshots in a new comment to the main entry rather than in a reply to another comment so that if a TON of people post (as I'm hoping!) we can all still see all the pictures in the main entry comments without having to expand threads!)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season! ♥

lucky packs!

hi i have a question! i don't have very many lolita clothes, and i don't have anything branded~ i want to buy a lucky pack from baby the stars shine bright for 140 USD. is it worth it? has anybody bought a baby lucky pack before? how was your experience? thank you for sharing!! <3
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Meta's Winter LPs?

Please forgive me if this has been posted before.

I've been .. Quite tempted to buy a LP this month, so after seeing that Baby only sells them in store, I wanted to know what's everyone's opinion on Meta's LPS.. I've seen some pictures of last season's LPs, and they had like, two dresses, and I'm guessing that's the Final LP, no? 

This would be my first Brand purchase.. So I'm a total newb about it. I just want to know if the $100 LP was worth it, what usually comes, how much the shipping costs, and how long it takes to arrive (I know someone who'll be going to Washington in January, and will be staying there for a month.. So that's a real issue for me 'cause I really do not want to pay for shipping over here).

Oh, and if Meta's still selling them, of course. I've got this tricky feeling that they've already sold out.

Thanks !
Loli - Little red rid(d)ing hood
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A photoshoot in the winterland ♥

There's so much snow outside, it's beautiful! The landscape just screams "come and have a photoshoot!" I've spent the day together with blackangelriku and both of us wanted to do a winter lolita photoshoot, so she borrowed some of my clothes and we went outside in the beautiful weather. It was really cold but the results made it worth it

My JSK is from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and the JSK blackangelriku is wearing is from BodyLine.

We hope you enjoy

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An odd photo request.

Just as a starter, I simply adore scottie dogs [a.k.a. scottish terriers]. So, I was wondering if any of you guys had pictures with scottie dogs, of scottie dogs or scottie dog prints.

(not my dog, but i'm on a waiting list for a pup!)

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