December 24th, 2009


Novice here

Ok... So for the longest time, I was very jealous of the Lolita girls... And I have always want to get into the fashion. I mean, I loved the dresses and the print and OMG!! They are just so wonderfully pretty <33
And until now, I wasn't so sure what I was getting myself into.. Was feeling a bit nervous and excited at the same time...

Well... Today.... I ordered my first Lolita item from Japan XD
I'm starting small, I guess...
I got myself a Meta Lucky Pack <3  And I'm so excited!! I was shaking the whole time while ordering!!
I just got my 2 confirmation letters and I'm so happy!! 
I cannot wait to get the package and be all surprised with goodies~
When I get them, I'll post pictures <3
This is going to be my first order and I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering more^^ 

(I had ordered one.. but now thinking about it, maybe I should have ordered two....)

Well.. I just wanted to write a post and say yay!!

And I was wondering if anyone else ordered the Meta Lucky Pack!
Or if you have ordered them before!  I would like some information^^

Hime Lolita brands?

does anyone know any brands that specialize in, or come close enough to, hime lolita or gyaru (preferably lolita)? or can point me to a thread that answers this question? If you find clothing that fit this style, off-brand or brand, but it's not all about hime, posting the specific item would be great too <3

edit: I know what hime lolita and gyaru is xD not to be mean, but I'd appreciate it if I didn't get comments on how I can change something to be hime.. no offense!! but it's much more helpful to list brands and items of clothing than tell me I can make something hime if I just get creative.. really, no offense..

Namie, Namie, Namie~

Now I'm not one to usually scream, 'OMG! It has lace/ruffles, therefore it must be lolita!!' at the slightest provocation but I love Namie Amuro and I simply adore her outfits in her new PV, Fast Car, and I know I want at least all of them (even the boudoir one). Apologies if this post is not 100% lolita-related, although I can see the Marie Antoninette influences, just wanted to share some Namie eye-candy =)

Namie looks EXACTLY the same as she did 10 years ago, I swear this woman found an elixir of youth or something, siiiighs.


GosuRori/GLB Pattern List

I checked the memories, and perhaps I am missing something, but is there a comprehensive list of what GosuRori and GLB's have what patterns?
I'm not as familiar with Gosu Rori, but I know that GLB patterns are usually based on a specific brand piece, so is there a list of these?
I'm not looking for scans, I just want to know what patterns come in what issue.
Thanks in advance for any help!

TinierMe Gothic Lolita Showcase

So, it seems that the folks over at are going to be showcasing Gothic Lolita style in one of their Gachas until the 21st of January~
Does anyone on egl play Tinierme? What do they think of the items that are up?

And on a related note, has anyone been to the forums to check out the 'Gothic Lolita Lovers' group that's popped up?
(Because...oh dear...not to be rude, but this is looking more and more like it calls for an intervention.
One of the responses in the "Do you like to make your own loli style?" thread went like so: "yes i love to design my own loli kinda a cross between all and otakuness xD i love to animafy my lolita lol." Ohdear.)

Anyways, tinierme lolitas report in! WE GOTTA REPRESENT! -chest thump, knuckle-kiss, peace sign-