December 23rd, 2009

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Hottopic Sinamay Tophat Review

Just got THIS mini top hot from hottopic. Yes, they still suck for most of your loli needs but lately they seem to be getting it right for these cute accessories. Here is what it looks like on my noggin:

It has elastic cord to keep it on your head and the feathers are really nice. The brim is nicely bound with a sort of twill tape or ribbon. There is also what feels like some sort of plastic inside the binding to keep the brim's shape. It is a bit larger than your average mini hat so if you have a small head, i would say this probably isn't for you. Over all totally worth my 20.00 since i friggin LOVE top hats.
Edit: I also got to fondle this hat as well. It's actually pretty decently put together for 25.00


 Hi girls I just have a question, do's someone know any good, fast and responsible shopping service.



Myself and others have had their money unfairly taken from them because of the recent paypal/chargeback issue. I am requesting that you do something immediatey, refunding would be the best option. this is a public issue and therefore a public post.
This post is my final attempt to resolve the issue, and serves as a point where others involved can discuss it as well. I would like an immediate refund of my money.
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"The Grimoire of a Lolita"

This journal was created by two brazilian friends who love Gothic and Classical Lolita.
Our country is overcrowded of Super Candy Sweet Lolitas and we desired to revive the sober in Lolita.
It's not a xiita blog or a Mana's sanctuary, before anyone think it is lol
Please, check us! ♥

Texts are only in English and Portuguese.
Warning: We're not graduated in English, but we guarantee a good outcome of the translations.
Sailor moon-sil

Indiana Lolitas?

I tried the search function, but the only posts mentioning Indiana Loli's are from well over a year ago. Are there any still around? There are a handful of us here in Bloomington, but I can't find any communities for other Lolitas here in the Hoosier state.

Art Post: The Rabbit and the Wolf

Normally, I don't work this fast, but I've had a few days off from work, and a lot of pent-up artistic energy because of it.

This is the second in the series that I started yesterday, and this time the subjects are the Rabbit and the Wolf. As with the Swan, I wanted to create an image that depicts the personalities of the characters through their clothes, expressions and postures. I also wanted both characters to look exotic, but distinctly different from one another. Certain elements were kept to unify the two (mostly color choices, and the roses), but they are each very unique.

As always, constructive criticism is appreciated:
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I know this might be a stupid question but...Why can't you make a coord with leggings? I mean, I understand that the capri-length ones are a little weird-looking, but the long ones would look cute with a coord, and keep you warm! (and also very nice for those of us who hate socks XD)
What do you ladies think?
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