December 22nd, 2009

Problem with Metamorphose

Hey guys I have a question for you,

so about six months or so back I placed an order for an item that was sold out on their web store. I received the confirmation email and then waited to hear back from them on when my item had arrived so I could pay them and get my item. I waited a week or two and still hadn't heard from them and emailed them asking about the status of my item and had been told my reservation had been canceled because I had not paid and that I was no longer able to reserve items from them. Well, that was interesting news and I never received any email contact from them that my item was ready for me to pay. Now I have been ordering from them since 2002 and have never, ever, had any problem with email communication with them in the seven years I have been ordering from them.

So, I emailed them explaining that I had not received their emails and asked if it was possible to pay for my item as I never received their original emails. They told me I have two days to pay or that I would never be able to reserve from them again. And seeing as I was ready to pay immediately it wasn’t a problem. So, I apologized for the problem and thanked them for letting me fix the problem with them and paid right away. I got my item and I thought it was all behind me.

With the lucky Packs that just came out I thought I’d by myself an early birthday present and today I received an email from them:

“Hello. Thank you for ordering at Metamorphose.
This time, we accept your order, and it will be shipped after Dec. 28 (Mon) at the earliest.
But you have to understand that we don't accept your reservation
because you had ignored my e-mails last time you ordered "sold out item".”

Well, now last I heard the problem had been fixed and they told me that I would be able to reserve items from them. So I was upset when they sent this email. I have been a good customer for seven years and they are subbing me because their emails had been lost in the Ethernet. I still have all of the emails that passed between aya and myself on this situation, doubt it'll help but I can hope.

So my question to all of you is has anyone had this problem? Was it resolved or what? I’ve emailed them and asked them about the situation but it has really upset me.

[edit] Aya replied to my response and she has cleared my name, as it should be. But this really had me worried so i'm glad things worked out in the end.
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Bye Bye 2oo9!

So it's a little premature, with an extra week or so left to go in this year, but I figured I might as well start up early so everyone can have a stab at this.

How has 2oo9 been for you? Did you just start lolita? Did you completely change styles? If you bought/made any pieces this year, which ones are your favourite?

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Audrey Kawasaki
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Kodona/boy style

I wasnt really sure what to call it!  this is my first ever try at anything remotly lolita...its for a meet tomorrow, and im not sure if im doing it right or not! so i would like some advice and critiquing from you guys!  let me know what im doing right and wrong! i dont wanna go out looking like a ponce :P 

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Bodyline Issue... again -.-

Hey lolis! I hope you know what I can do because I really don't know what to do anymore and I'm really pissed off!! I used the search, I found this and this, one occurrence has been solved but the other one not. I had the exactly same problem. I sent BL a mail right after I had recognized that I got no confirmation from BL, no answer. Two days later I sent them a PayPal conflict (buyer protection) and I still got no answer :/ Today's the 5th workday including saturday without answer. What can I do? Or is it too soon to worry about? Usually Bodyline reply very fast .__.""

Edit 1: Yeah, sure, usually I would wait because it's Christmas and stuff, but I think it's strange that the girl (link 2) received an answer while she has ordered at the 17th and I ordered at the 16th.

Edit 2: I got my money back today ^^
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Ever had a run-in with an ita?

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EDIT: Hey guys. I ralize now I sounded as you are saying: rude, or eltist (which I find it kinda hilarious that your caliing me that: I'm practically new to then community, have never posted a photo of myself before, and have never been to a meetup.) I'd be friends with an ita, and try to help, it's just the expereince of being dragged ariound really put me off. I don't like being touched by complete stangers. I don't perscute people for the clothes they wear, and I'm sorry if it came off like that.

I guess I was a little cruel about the In The Starlight part- It's just that whern I used to lurk, In The Starlight was always the first place n00bs were directed too, because it's cheap and fair quality.

I'd say I'm sorry, and I am, but something tells me (according to a recent post on GetOffEGL), you wouldn't accept it.
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Art Post: The Swan

So I wanted to start a series of illustrations. I've decided to do two, and this is the "warm-up" series: transfigured wildlife. I started with the Swan, because the sketch just jumped out at me. I spent about seven hours on this, sketching, inking and digitally coloring, and sat still through the whole thing. haha

The pose is inspired by Kira Imai images. I've always been fascinated by tinytiny feet and HUGE skirts paired together.

I hope you like it, and as always, constructive criticism is appreciated:

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What is your favourite brand?

Tonight I am just siting at home, so i decided to try out a few quick co-ordination with a few new things i have. 
As I tried on my new Metamorpose velveteen skirt, it hit me that Meta really is my favourite brand and i love it so dearly.
My reason?  they have always made, and still make amazing Gothic lolita pieces, and even though they sometimes come up with some strange designs, they are still going strong after all these years.

So lovely ladies of EGL, My question to you is.....

What is your favorite brand? and what is it about that brand that makes you love it so dearly?
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