December 21st, 2009


Moi-même-Moitié question

Hiya everyone, I'm kind of a long time lurker, but this is my first post here'^_^>
I have a question... Has anyone tried to enter Moi-même-Moitié's Japanese Rakuten shop recently? It just gets you to a page with the logo, email address and phone number, and I can't look at the clothes like I could before!
Anyone know why this is happening? Are they on vacation? Is it closed down? Would be very happy for an answer!

(And yes, I do know that Moitié's Japanese page doesn't ship overseas, I just want to look at the clothes for a project) :3
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another sewing post :)

recently finished this dress... I agreed to split this bolt of purple lace in a recent GO and was trying to find a good use for it. I still have TONs left, but a good start for using it up i think :) i always welcome your con/crit! I later added removable black waist ties, but you get the picture ;)

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BTSSB Bunny Hat ???

Hello darlings, this may be a stupid question but I really want to know : do you know if this bunny hat

will be sold ? Because the Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry series has already been released, and I can't find information about this hat anywhere. ;_; I want it so much. Thank you for your help !

EGL, I propose to you a question

So I was thinking of doing a cosplay later on this year, and I'm sick of sewing and really can't sew to save my life.

My question is this:
Do you think it's appropriate to post a WTC on egl_comm_sales for a cosplay that is very similar to a lolita outfit?

For example the skirt shape, bodice idea, a lot of the patterns would be similar, etc.

For me, anyway, I am more familiar with this community and its seamstresses, and would rather trust one of our own with my money. I know how this community works, I know tons of people on here, I know how to get advice, etc etc. Generally easier and feels more secure.

So should one only post to the comm_sales for items relating directly to lolita fashion, or would it be fine to find a seamstress for something like this?


EDIT: General consensus is to just vaguely ask for a commissioner to PM you or along those lines.

My New Bows - Headbands - Clips - Haircombs

Hi everybody I wanted to show ya some of the new hair accessories I got, lots of pictures under the cut. I love the fact that my 2 sisters and I all love lolita fashion and my mom teaches us how to make stuff. Oh and by the way if there are any lolitas in Southern Virginia hit me up maybe we can have a meetup holiday party. I went to the community over there but it hasnt been very active it seems. Candy Top Hat Collapse )
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Lolifying a mobile phone?

Looked in the memories to no avail.

I know a lot of girls deco their iPhone cases, but what about the contents of the phone? What are some things you do to make your iPhone, or mobile phone, lolita/decora/gothic/aristo/punk/classic? Do you set your wallpaper to Imai Kira's work? Have different clothes as User ID's for your loli freinds? Have lolita-themed music for ringtones?  And what about apps?

Are there any vaguely lolita iPhone apps out there?

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