December 20th, 2009

Reminder about New Year's in Japan

New Year's Day is the biggest holiday every year in Japan (and many parts of Asia) so all of the Japanese brands will be having some kind of extended break. Innocent World's overseas sales will be closed from December 26th-January 4th (so restarting on Tuesday, January 5th), and I assume other brands will have similar schedules. December 25th is the last working day before the break and we'll only be able to respond to orders and questions if they are received before 12PM Japan time. You can still order items during the break but there won't be any response until we get back.

Also note, we'll try our best, but even if you submit an order early this week, sometimes we need to have the item sent from one of our store locations and we may not be able to ship it before the break. If you really need something immediately, send us a message in your order and I can let you know if it's possible or not ^^
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  • akiko_5

pictures of a dress

hi ^^
i'm searching for cordinates or pictures from the innocent world white cat jsk.
i don't know the real name of this jsk but it's a white one with pink kitties.
does anyone have pictures of this?

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