December 19th, 2009

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F21 coat find :)

I was at Forever 21 the other day and saw a coat that would probably work with lolita, at the time I wasn't dressed up so I couldn't tell. Today I had to go back to the area because I had to deliver a hedgehog and decided to dress up for a change. I tried it on and it looks quite nice. It may not be quite as long at my dress but it doesn't flatten my skirt and has room with a petticoat to cover the rest.... Like it covers it around but not quite the length. ( I hope you understand that description) I splurged and bought it.

It would be a good fall coat or not so cold winter day.

It is in a navy blue but it's just so lovely, I thought I might share. And for $50 it's not a bad price. :)
There are some other cute lolitable items in the outerwear right now.

Flying in lolita?

I checked memories and didn't see anything. Does anyone have experience flying in lolita? going through security, etc. I'm flying home on Monday and I'd like to wear lolita (not OTT or anything, JSK, cutsaw, boots, and a plain coat. No headbow or crazy hair or anything). I'd just like to hear if anyone has stories.
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Lace-monster presents

So it's Christmas morning/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa/ whatever and you're opening presents with your family. You pick one up and it's obvious there's clothing in it, you rip it open aaaaaand..
It's one of those ita black ebay negligee things covered in itchy white raschel lace with a lovely matching maxipad headress.

What would you do? How do you explain to your family member it's not actually lolita? Is there a possible way to say why you won't wear it without looking like an ungrateful ass? Or do you just grin and bare to spare their feelings?

Angelic Pretty Japan online shop question

Hello and hope someone could help by sharing your experience!
I am mad about the dessert collection and got my shopping service in Japan to order the pink sk online. It's been 4 days, and the shopping service still has not got a confirmation email from AP. I wonder if that is normal and whether my item could indeed be sold out already but AP has not updated the site? Will I get to find out whether I have got the sk or not? (my shopping service is good with updates and I don't think it's their problem...)
Hope there may be someone who has experience in dealing with the Japanese site, and can give some advice.
Many many thanks!
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Rococo Lolita

So myself & Floz and decided we wanted to do a Rococo Lolita inspired photoshoot so I went on the hunt for a clothing designer and found basje who made this epic dress. After much planning & designing here are our results!
I hope you all like them (:

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